• U.S. missionary killed by uncontacted tribe

    A Vancouver, Washington man was recently killed by an uncontacted tribe on the Andaman Islands. John Chau was a missionary traveling to the Indian island to spread Christianity to the Sentinelese people.

  • Caravan tear gassed by U.S. border patrol

    Following the Thanksgiving holiday, the American public learned that while they were eating turkey and spending time with family, the United States tear gassed the migrant families that made it to the American-Mexican border.

  • Ohio lawmakers pose threat to abortion right

    A recent bill passed in Ohio has caused a heated discussion about abortion rights the public hasn't seen since Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation into the United States Supreme Court. It has also brought up renewed interest in a bill previously introduced in Ohio that could bring the strictest anti-abortion laws the country has ever seen, if it were to be passed.

  • General Motors revamp causes massive job cuts

    The big secret is finally out. Following its bankruptcy a decade ago, the number one United States automaker, General Motors (GM) leaked its biggest restructuring plans in several years. The plans were released to the public on Sunday, Nov. 25 and include more than 10,000 hourly and salaried job layoffs, a shutdown of three assembly lines and the discontinuation of five vehicle models from its line.

  • Man shot during Black Friday chaos

    On Thanksgiving afternoon at an Alabama mall, shots were fired resulting in two young girls getting injured. By the end of the night a man was shot dead by local law enforcement.

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  • Upstate Pro Wrestling comes to Brockport

    Buckle your seat belts Brockport because this upcoming event is bound to be brutal. Upstate Pro Wrestling is making its inaugural performance at the Brockport Elks Lodge on Friday, Dec. 7. The event, Ghosts of Christmas: Past Present and Future, will feature several different matchups from the beasts of Upstate Pro Wrestling. 

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  • Rapper 6ix9ine facing 32 years to life in prison

    Hip-hop has been dominated by a variety of artists throughout the years. Most of those artists' popularity have died out after a couple of songs due to their lack of consistency. Then there are those artists who have maintained fame with an impressive resumé of music, but there are also artists who stay in the limelight through constant trouble. Daniel Hernandez, better known by stage name 6ix9ine, is one of those rappers.