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    • How to get fit: a guide to using the SERC

      STRESS RELIEVER The SERC is a $44 million facility and it opened its doors in 2012. There are numerous services that students and community members can take advantage of all year.

    • Have fun and stay competitive with club sports

      Recreational athletics You can create your own club sports team through Campus Recreation or join one like the men's club hockey team (above) (below).

    • Dos and don'ts for incoming freshman athletes

      RIGHT OR WRONG The life of a student athlete in college comes with many trials and tribulations, especially for freshmen. College is a new and exciting place full of freedoms to do good and bad things but there are ways to ensure success. Whether you're out on the field making tackles or in the SERC spiking over the net, there's rights and wrongs to being a student athlete.

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    • Is Brockport a sports centered college?

      CAMPUS CULTURE The College at Brockport has many opportunities to be active from football (left), to volleyball (middle), to soccer (right). From playing at the NCAA Division level III, to participating in the various club sports programs, Brockport is seen as a competitive college athletically.

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    • How to spot a fake feminist 101

      It's your first day of college and you breathe a sigh of relief as you see everyone's backpacks sporting bright pink buttons proclaiming, "This is what a feminist looks like!"