• Kylie Jenner becomes youngest billionaire in history

    What is one thing millions of people wish they could be? A billionaire. For Kylie Jenner, that common wish just became her reality.

  • British man becomes second to receive HIV treatment

    A potential cure has been found for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

  • Presidential race heating up as candidates are announced

    As we move further into 2019, many people are looking forward to the 2020 elections coming up within the next year. A recent report in The New York Times has highlighted all the candidates, ranging from who will and won't be running to the several who are likely and unlikely to run in the 2020 race.

  • "Momo" hoax takes over the internet

    Recently a new threat has surfaced that parents are being warned about. The "MOMO" challenge has gone viral and is said to encourage children to commit suicide. There are conflicting reports on if this challenge is legitimate.

  • Fatal tornado leaves 23 dead in Alabama

    A deadly tornado claimed the lives of 23 people on Sunday, March 3 in Alabama. The state of Alabama has a long, sad history with tornadoes. These powerful windstorms tend to occur around the spring and summer months.

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  • Men's lacrosse picks up first win of 2019

    The College at Brockport men's lacrosse team did not have an ideal start to its season. With two initial losses in back-to-back games, the Golden Eagles had an early hole to dig out of.

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  • WWF accused of human rights violation

    The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is an international wildlife conservation organization that seeks to combat the factors that threaten the stability and beauty of nature like deforestation, poaching, trophy hunting and pollution. While based in Switzerland, WWF works in over 100 countries and boasts approximately five million members around the world. Despite claiming to work closely with the indigenous people whose land they wish to conserve, the organization is now at the center of an investigation into human rights violations inflicted upon natives at the hands of paramilitary forces funded by them.