• Campus protest makes its way to president's office

    Students, faculty and staff staged a protest on The College at Brockport's campus on Thursday, Feb. 13, to "combat systematic issues — particularly relating to race and ethnicity — that currently exist within the Brockport campus and community," according to an email sent two days prior.

  • Statements allege UP chief attempted to "dig up dirt" on Archie

    Andrew Burns, an attorney for The College at Brockport's former Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) Cephas Archie, Ph.D., released a statement on Monday, Feb. 17, alleging the college's University Police Chief Daniel Vasile had contacted a former colleague of Archie's as part of an investigation.


  • Social media and shifting standards of privacy

    Twitter has recently come under fire after an incident involving a SUNY Geneseo student. The incident began early last month when a student at the college created a parody account made to look like the school's official Twitter account. The account, called "NOT SUNY Geneseo," with the handle "@ SUNYGenseeo" was started by sophomore Isaiah Kelly in early January. 

  • Newfound sympathy for Johnny Depp after tape unveiling

    On Sunday, Feb. 1, an audio recording of Amber Heard admitting she physically abused Johnny Depp was leaked. During their divorce trial, Heard accused Depp of physical abuse but the recording shows something different. The hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp started on twitter to show support for the actor. 

  • Billy Porter addresses modern LGBTQ issues

    On Tuesday, Feb. 4 President Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union Address highlighting the accomplishments of America over the last century, lightly touching issues that involve the LGBTQ community. In a similar fashion, actor and activist Billy Porter gave his own address titled, The State of the LGBTQ Union.


  • "High Road" Kesha

    It's safe to assume we all know Kesha; whether we love her or hate her, we know of her music. Most of her old music is perfect for a night of partying with your girlfriends.

  • "Diva" The Kid Laroi ft. Lil Tecca

    since his breakout single "Let Her Go" accompanied by a music video with Cole Bennett's lyrical lemonade, up and coming artist The Kid Laroi is back with another banger with hip-hop artist, Lil Tecca.

  • "To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You" Netflix

    I knew it was a bad idea to watch "To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You" on Valentine's Day, single with my roommates — one single and one 'complicated.' I was a mess throughout the movie.


  • Ice hockey clinches playoff spot for second consecutive season

    As the 2019-20 SUNYAC ice hockey season approaches its conclusion, the conference has featured one of its closest playoff races in recent years. Aside from two outliers, SUNY Geneseo and SUNY Oswego, at the top of the pack, the conference's remaining seven teams are still in reach for the final four postseason spots. With its most recent win over Buffalo State College on Saturday, Feb. 15, The College at Brockport ice hockey team clinched its spot in the SUNYAC Tournament for the sixth time in seven years. 

  • Gymnastics claims victory at "Tumble and Rumble"

    With a recent step up in competition, The College at Brockport gymnastics team was not going to be looked at any differently if it left Ithaca, New York on Sunday, Feb. 16, without a victory. Just a week after taking on Division I Yale, the Golden Eagles traveled to Cornell to participate in a "Tumble and Rumble," which is when a wrestling meet and gymnastics meet happen in the same arena at the same time, against another Division I opponent.

  • Profile: Maya Reina's dedication to pole vaulting paying off

    Dual-sport athletes are a rare breed at the collegiate level, consisting of talented and devoted people who share a passion for more than just one game or competition. There comes a time in most athletic careers where they must pick one sport to focus on, so that person can give all of their time and effort to that one thing to see how far you can take it.



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