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    • Abuse of Peruvian indigenous peoples results in social crisis

      Although many know the country for its historical ruins, Peru has been struggling with maintaining its historical traditions, including its indigenous peoples. These tensions have resulted in the murder of a Canadian man, Sebastian Woodroffe accused of killing a native medicine woman, Olivia Arevalo.

    • Overcoming assault: a guide on support

      Sexual assault is an issue that is hard to address when speaking to victims; when trying to help an individual heal with assault it can be difficult to balance being supportive and being intrusive. Despite the complexity of this issue, it needs to be addressed. The Hazen Health Center offers tips on acknowledging sexual assault and supporting sexual assault victims.

    • Brockport's UNICEF branch hopeful to expand

      With the amount of suffering in the world seeming to grow every day, The United Nations International Children's Fund (UNICEF) attempts to provide aid to children and mothers who experience the unfair imbalance of wealth and the symptoms of ongoing war.

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    • Softball: a swing and a miss

      The most common reason people choose to be athletes is the team aspect of the sport they love. The relationships created are built on celebrating the triumphs and persevering through defeat. The College at Brockport's softball team meets every day it doesn't have a game at around 3:30 p.m. for about two and a half hours. Dedicated to their sport, the 21 women who are a part of the softball family treat every practice like a game, giving 110 percent every single time they lace up their cleats and step onto the field.