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  • BSG President and Vice President Candidates- Merritt and Lee

    Following a long-time interest in politics and an enthusiastic approach to campaigning, Jack Merritt has established himself as a go-getter when it comes to being BSG president.

  • BSG President and Vice President Candidates- Matthews and Piska

    Joshua Mathews and Alena Piska are ready to begin their campaign for BSG president and vice president, respectively. The candidates' campaign, according to their plans, will be centered around the idea of "better together," meaning cooperation and careful listening to all of those on campus.

  • BSG President and Vice President Candidates- Mackey and Szalapski

    With The College at Brockport Student Government elections fast approaching, it may seem as if there isn't much time to fully digest what's going on. While the campaign may be far from the minds of many students, especially with midterms and spring break coming up, it's certainly one of the top priorities for the campaigners. One such individual is freshman Tyler Mackey. Despite only being in his second semester on campus, Mackey optimistically looks forward to leaving a positive mark on campus, something he views to be of utmost importance.

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  • The honor is not in the White House but the home

    President 45, a.k.a. Donald Trump, has taken it upon himself to start a war with almost everybody from Oprah Winfrey to Kim Jong Un. He has also been forthright about his disdain of athletes not standing during the national anthem. Previous 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was the first pro-athlete to kneel for the national anthem during one of his NFL matchups. By the time Trump was sworn into office, kneeling during the anthem was being picked up by teams within and outside of the NFL.