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ONLINE: Brockport student assaults students and UP officer

by Siomara Germain - Copy Editor
Sun, Apr 2nd 2017 11:00 am

 The latest incident on The College at Brockport campus occurred last week in Gordon Hall, the same dormitory a hate crime took place earlier last semester.

Sunday March 19, Brockport University Police received a phone call at about 10:40 p.m. for a disorderly disruptive student who had struck other students in his vicinity. Officers immediately responded to intervene in the situation.  

That student happens to be Brockport freshman Dylan Jones. Jones appeared to be intoxicated and struck other students in the dormitory.

Chief of Police, Edward Giblin, said when officers were dealing with Jones, he struck a lieutenant by punching him in the face.

"He was arrested, charged and taken to village court where he was arraigned," Giblin said.

Compare to other events that has occurred on the Brockport campus in the past, Giblin said this one is slightly different.

"Typically, we don't have people raising their hands to University Police," Giblin said. "It's not uncommon for police officers to encounter people that resist arrest. But it's not common here on the campus. We really don't typically get people that raise their hands to police or punch a police officer."

It was a fairly confined incident. Though it might have unsettled some of the students who were involved in it initially or witnessed it, some students who reside in the dormitory were not even aware of it.

Gordon resident, Andishey Simmons, is one of the many people who was not made aware of the incident.

"I definitely feel like students should have been made aware of what happened because it seems like they tried to sweep it under the rug which isn't cool," Simmons said.

According to Rochesterfirst.com article "SUNY Brockport Police subdue violent student Sunday evening", junior, Jake Miller said, "I heard a kid screaming at the top of his lungs, probably for 10-15 minutes and the cops were there."

There are legal actions ongoing through the Brockport Village Court against Jones who is facing multiple charges. Among those charges, Jones is charge with harassment for striking at the other students.

"He is charged with assault second which is for assaulting a police officer because one of the lieutenants was injured," Giblin said. "Assault second is causing an injury to a police officer during an arrest. He was also charged with striking the other lieutenant in the face."

No word has been out yet on if Jones is back on campus but he is facing felony charges and the Brockport school policy for students facing felony charges is suspension.

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