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Brockport's newest residence hall

by Kaleem Mogent - SPORTS EDITOR

A new standard of living for Brockport students

Mon, Mar 27th 2017 10:00 pm
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 With the unveiling of a brand new residence hall on Friday, March 24, the reaction from The College at Brockport students seems to be more confused than excited. Many students now have more questions than answers when looking to the future. 

For starters, construction will begin in late May on the current club rugby practice field and conclude in the summer of 2018. In order to pay for this the college borrowed funds from the (DASNY) Dormitory Authority State of New York. The hall is funded in a couple of ways, Director of Facilities, Planning and Construction in the Office of Facilities and Planning, John Osowski explains.

"Think of it like a mortgage; we borrow the money and we gradually pay it off," Osowski said.  

Students who will be living in the unnamed residence will be contributing the bulk of the money. A double room room rate at Brockport is $3,987 but that price has the ability to change each academic year. Another way the four-floor residence hall is paid for in part is by state income tax revenue. Therefore we all contribute to the construction of the new hall. Osowski expressed that other projects like the renovation of the Union Mall are paid for by the state. A future project he saw on the horizon was the renovation of the Tuttle Gymnasium Complex. If you have ever had a class or spend an hour in a Tuttle classroom you will know why. He said he believes that construction on improving Tuttle is "only a couple of years away."

Another piece of this residence hall puzzle that may be on Brockport student's minds is, "Who will the residence hall be for?"  

Osowski made it clear in an email on his team's intentions: "The new residence hall will be for sophomores and juniors, not freshmen. This is exciting news for upperclassmen who are looking for a change in residential life."   

Osowski also discussed the main purpose of the new residence hall project. Osowski mentioned that "this new residence hall project will allow us to work on a proposed four-phase project to renovate the middle quad - Benedict, Dobson, Harmon, Gordon. It will give us bed capacity so that we can take a middle quad residence hall off-line for renovations, one at a time."  

The middle quad of dorms that have been vilified for as long as many can remember are finally due for improvement. Students who will get a chance to live in this new hall will be receiving an upgrade from what they are used to.  

Associate Director of Residential Life  Craig Ross and the man who was given a lot of the credit for making this all possible, spoke with a lot of pride on the amenities of the new hall. The hall will have two students per room and their own private bathroom. The building will have one big laundry room and the rooms will be climate controlled. 

Students will not have to worry about getting too hot or too cold in this new hall.

As for the men's rugby club team's future there will be a couple of changes. 

A new rugby field will be created near the X parking lot area for the club team. That field will be reconstructed, have a shed for equipment, and bleachers for the home and away team. 



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