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SOUL's Drag Show was anything but a drag

by Tegan Mazur - Copy Editor
Mon, Mar 27th 2017 08:00 am
Emma Misiaszek/ PHOTO EDITOR
Emma Misiaszek/ PHOTO EDITOR
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 What could be better served up than a cup of coffee and some jazz? You guessed it, bring out the eyeshadow and the dollar bills, it's time for a drag show! 

Changing the pace slightly from its common setup, SOUL hosted a drag show Saturday night. Usually the folks in fabulous dresses grace us with a game of bingo to boot, but this time they went right for the throat. SOUL rolled out the Mardi Gras beads and had an all-out, no holds bar drag show.

Before the wonder wigs and spectacular spins happened, though, students had the opportunity to grab some pizza and visit a Trillium health booth that was at the back of the Seymour College Union Ballroom. The booth had a plethora of goodies students could take for free, everything from rainbow temporary tattoos, to stress balls shaped like breasts and even make-your-own bag of condoms. Trillium also had a slew of helpful pamphlets to educate students on a host of health issues related to sex like HIV prevention and LGBTQ specific healthcare.

Once students had loaded up on greasy delicious pizza, Coca-Cola and facts about sexual health, it was time for the show to begin. Those familiar with the drag shows at Brockport are familiar with the duo that frequents the Union Ballroom, Kyla Minx and Samantha Vega.

The shows themselves were nothing short of magnificent. Performers included the likes of Kasha Davis, DeeDee Dubois, Justin Stylez, as well as Brockport student performers like Mauve O'lass and Knight Boner. Not a single performer failed to strut their stuff on stage and make it down into the crowd, grinding and spinning and flaunting their stuff. The costumes, as always, were superb, each costume was unique and flared to life in a multitude of color schemes. It was a flash of long flowing greens and blues, red tassels and black girdles, tight shirts and baggy jeans.

Knight Boner, the Drag name of student performer Nick Kirsop, performed in a sparkling gold vest and black fedora with a matching gold sash on it. Kirsop's performance matched the performance perfectly, both boisterous and with a healthy heap of confident flare. Kirsop commented on the difficult nature of making men's clothing for a drag show, "It's so hard to make like, guys stuff...So I just found the most obnoxious fabric ever," Kirsop said.

Mauve O'lass, the Drag name of student performer Josh Roman performed in a vintage gangster style pinstripe dress with a rhinestone mask to the tune of of Ariana Grande's song "Greedy," while carrying around a bag of money and stealing fake 100 dollar bills from the audience. Roman commented on the creation of his costume, saying,  "Greedy is my favorite song of her new album and so I'm like, okay, like greedy, what can I do that's with money? [Be]cause I always base my outfit off my song," Roman said.  

The show ended with Kasha Davis leading a dancing line around the ballroom, ending with everyone, performers and audience members on stage dancing as the final song ended. Once again the Drag king and queens have shown Brockport how to have a good time and look good doing it.

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