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ONLINE: Survey seeks out experiences of freshmen and seniors

by Matthew Clark - Copy Editor
Tue, Mar 14th 2017 12:00 pm

Recently, The College at Brockport freshmen and seniors were asked to complete a survey created by the National Survey of Student Engagement, also known as  NSSE. According to the NSSE's website, the survey collected information from a variety of different topics including  participation, campus environment, personal growth, homework difficulty, personal background and more.

Every year, the NSSE collects information from hundreds of colleges about the experiences and participations of freshmen and senior students. The results obtained are used to better understand what students get out of their college experience. Last year, out of 560 colleges and Universities,  322,582 students participated in the NSSE survey.

The survey asked students various questions about their habits such as how many hours a week do they study, do they work on or off campus and what skills have they developed. Students completed the survey online and were invited to participate by Brockport President Heidi Macpherson. The survey was quite long, as it asked many questions. Most of the questions were multiple choice, but some were short answer.

The survey collected information in five different categories. One category was "participation in dozens of educationally purposeful activities." Questions in this category tried to gain an understanding how often students asked questions in class  and how often students discuss course work with professors outside of class.

Another category was "institutional requirements and the challenging nature of coursework". This category sought to understand what kind of work college students do, how much time they spend on it and the level of difficulty and challenges that come with the work. The survey asked questions "perceptions of the college environment" and "estimates of educational and personal growth since starting college". Questions in these categories asked if students participated in extracurricular activities, what kinds of people they interact with and if their skills had improved since beginning college. The survey also asked basic demographic related questions.  

The NSSE survey is distributed every year, so it is quite likely that this current year's juniors will be asked to complete the survey along side the incoming freshmen come next March.  


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