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ONLINE: Myths & Truths of Leadership

by Jaymi Gooden - Campus Talk Editor
Sun, Feb 19th 2017 10:40 am

The College at Brockport's held its Myth & Truths of Leadership workshop on Wednesday February 14 in the Seymour College Union. The workshop, which was made up of resident assistants and student community leaders, aimed at properly defining the term leader and debunking some of the well-known stereotypes of leadership.

"A good leader is someone who can dispel the myths of leadership," Residence Director Dustin Gardner said. "For example, the myth that leaders are born not made; that isn't true at all.

The workshop not only asked students to identify the skills needed to be a successful leader, but offered the them the chance to further develop the ones they deemed most necessary through different activities. Gardner divided the room into groups of three and had each group walk around the room to different posters on the wall. Each poster had a different question about leadership and the importance of it on a college campus.

"Student leaders make this campus," Gardner said. "We need those people who are willing to step outside their comfort zone and lead a group of students in a positive direction."

One of those leaders is Brockport senior Michelle Thomas who was one of the few attendees at the workshop that wasn't an RA. Instead, Thomas is a Residential Counselor for Sojourner's House, a women and children's shelter in Rochester, NY.

"I'm helping women become better moms and teaching them to stand up for their beliefs," Thomas said. "It's so important to have effective female leaders."

Many students emphasized the importance of having a strong student voice. Both Gardner and Thomas agree that the issues present at Brockport this year have shifted the campus atmosphere and student leadership is needed now more than ever.

"When you're a leader, that's not all that you are or can be," Thomas said. "You're an advocator. You're a mentor. You're so many things when you take on a leadership role."

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