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La Casa Rochester, New York

by Paul Cifonelli - Sports Editor
Wed, Mar 11th 2020 02:00 pm

One of the unfortunate things about life in Brockport is that the food scene is not very diverse. There are plenty of diners and pizza joints but not much authentic cultural food. In order to find truly authentic international cuisine, a trip to Rochester is necessary. Sometimes, you have to keep your eyes peeled to find a great spot.

La Casa is a Mexican-inspired restaurant on Alexander Street in Rochester. The name of the restaurant describes it exactly; it is in a house that could very easily be driven past and ignored. However, once you taste the food, you’ll never forget where it is.

The atmosphere when I walked in was truly incredible. It felt very homey and comfortable. The entrance was on the house’s porch, one which was slightly confusing but very welcoming once I found it. Once I actually entered the building the appearance of a home came out even more. The reservations were taken right next to the front door, there were very few tables in every room but plenty of rooms, and even seating upstairs. The upstairs seating felt secluded, but not so secluded that it was not a part of the atmosphere the place had.

Once it set in that I was in a house with a menu in front of me, the food went to center stage. The free basket of chips and salsa seemed normal but after one taste I knew how authentic it really was. The chips had spices baked into them and the salsa was not chunky and had a good zip to it.

The tacos were the true champions of the place. I ordered nopalitos tacos, which had cactus, rojo sauce, which was similar to the salsa, pico de gallo, chipotle cream, lettuce and cabbage. I’d never tried cactus before but was absolutely blown away. It was not tough at all and had great flavor when combined with everything else. The plate had three tacos on it and was served over yellow rice, black beans and refried beans.

I shared tacos and also got to try the Al Pastor taco. That was an incredibly unique flavor blend. It started with a smoky roasted chipotle pork that just melted like butter. Then there were some onions and cilantro, which are typical ingredients in tacos. The kicker was fresh pineapple bits that were in the taco that gave a kick of sweetness that I did not expect at all.

Leaving the restaurant, I was full and definitely in need of a nap. The place itself was great and the food was out of this world. Once you go once, you’ll want to go back once a week.

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