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First annual Maple Fest offers food and activites

by Steven Danizewski - Staff Writer
Wed, Mar 11th 2020 01:00 pm
BSG offers a plethora of maple syrup themed treats and fall-esque activities putting smiles on students' faces.
BSG offers a plethora of maple syrup themed treats and fall-esque activities putting smiles on students' faces.

In the midst of a busy semester, events on campus help to ease the stress of school work and studying. Those who attended the first annual Maple Fest presented by the Brockport Student Government (BSG) would attest to that. The delectable tree sap rendered into sticky sugary sweetness, known as maple syrup, was available buffet-style as pure maple candies, as part of a syrup-bourbon barbeque sauce on wings, as fluffy donuts. The weather Friday night March 6, was certainly frightful, but away from the snow and the wind, the West Ballroom glowed with warmth and good food. 

The slush covering the roads underneath a windy, gray sky is partially why BSG Activities Coordinator Catherine Jenks, had the idea for bringing a taste of her hometown of Cortland’s signature maple festival to campus. 

“It’s kinda dreary outside, so let’s bring back some of the festivity of the season and cheer up the students,” Jenks said. “It’s always good to fill their bellies, to have Friday night events, so they can party but they can also have a safer option of an on campus event closer to where they live.”

Food was definitely the main focal point of the event — maple leaf candies and donuts were a particular hit. But of course, food was just one part of the event; board games, music and friendship completed the atmosphere. There’s always more than one thing happening when food and people are brought together, and this event was no exception. 

 “I think it’s fun when we all get together as a student body, when you see friends you might not have seen lately, and it’s also fun because it’s a good way to support your college,” Jenks said. 

Jenks finds happiness in being able to provide things like this to the students of the campus. 

“We are students making things for students, so when we see that they are enjoying it,’ Jenks said. “It’s a feeling of accomplishment and success for us as we do like to have our events enjoyed, and we like to hear our students feedback so if there was something about an event they didn’t like, we would like to hear that, too.”

Luka Kozid and Emma Clark, two junior-year students attending the event, responded to questions about the event positively. 

“Honestly, it’s not just about the food, it’s like coming here to hang out with our friends,” Kozid said. 

Clark agreed with Kozid, “it’s better than at least staying in, if you have nothing to do on a Friday night at least you’re on campus and doing something.” 

In the temporal context of modern life, where people increasingly spend free time alone and social isolation grows, the feeling of community and finding something to do on a Friday night is something sweet. Just like real maple syrup on a diner booth table, when you find it, you treasure it.  

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