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Q & A with treasurer candidate: Leslie Hoag

by Kari Ashworth - Executive Editor
Wed, Mar 11th 2020 11:00 am
Photo courtesy of Leslie Hoag
Photo courtesy of Leslie Hoag

Q: Why do you want to be treasurer?

A: Being the academic counselor senator I kind of do the job of the treasurer in miniature, I oversee some funds. I sit on the Club Budget and Resources Committee, which is chaired by the treasurer; I meet with clubs regularly. So I was running for vice president initially, thought about it, then was like: clubs, club policy, constitutions in general, the club manual, the tier system, all these things that are the bulk of my knowledge right now, that’s all the treasurer, so that’s why I switched and that’s why I’m running for treasurer.

Q: What qualifies you for this position?

A: I am the academic counselor senator again; I’m doing the job in miniature, having a good relationship with the clubs already being a club officer myself. I was treasurer of the history forum my freshman year; I am now the president of the history forum, and I am the Secretary to DCSA. So I am in clubs; I’m actively part of them and know the inner workings in a way that I think benefits BSG as a whole if I were to be treasurer, because I know how it actually is versus just being the outside perspective.

Q: What could you learn as treasurer that you could apply to your future career?

A: I’m a history major with my minor in museum studies. So everything that comes up in the treasurer as far as policy, sitting on meetings, interacting with administration and actually with clubs, sort of being this focal point, connecting all these sectors, I think that experience alone will help me as far as my passion for administration, for policy, for history, I think it’ll very much add to my resume and give me the opportunity to expand skills I already have and find my place as an actual professional.

Q: Do you have any specific goals you would like to accomplish if elected?

A: Transparency has kind of been my favorite word as of late, given the current climate on campus, but more so just ‘here’s the tier system and this is how it’s set up.’ Again, just accessibility, being there, being around enough to have clubs be able to come and talk to me during my office hours or set up a meeting, giving people a good enough heads up when they are to come to a meeting. Transparency and accessibility, I think, are the big things right now. 

Q: What makes Brockport special to you?

A: I am a person who does not necessarily have a home. I have had life experiences that have made me not super attached to physical things. So my home has always been my people. Brockport is the first place, basically, in my life that has been a physical location that is my home. The fact that this community has already been so welcoming of me and had given me these opportunities, I’ve never experienced anything like it and it’s given me such an attachment to this place.

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