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Q & A with Senate candidate: Junior D. Auguste

by Kari Ashworth - Executive Editor
Sun, Mar 8th 2020 12:50 pm
Photo courtesy of Junior D. Auguste
Photo courtesy of Junior D. Auguste

Q: What makes Brockport special to you? 

A: Brockport isn’t special to me; it’s not the place that has kept my interest, but the people whom I’ve met since being here.

Q: How has your time at Brockport helped you achieve your personal and professional goals?

A: Patience. I’m my own worst critic and always have been, but I’ve been learning to not be so hard on myself and to just be patient with who I am in order to be who I want to be for not only myself, but for others as well.

Q: What are the changes would you like to bring to Brockport?

A: There are no changes that I alone can bring to Brockport, but I would like to think that I can be of some sort of help or support for those who can.

Q: In light of recent events, how would you help BSG make Brockport more inclusive?

A: All I can do is continue doing what I have been, inviting people into discussions, where they should have been in since the beginning, and just being up front about issues with students, faculty and staff. In respect to BSG, despite being viewed as “student leaders,” we’re not the sole people capable of fixing anything, at least not alone; that’s just part of the issue in recent events. It’s a group effort, so I would hope that the students, faculty, staff and community would be willing to help us.

Q: What qualities make you the best person for this position?

A: I don’t really have any to be honest, I’m just me. I do what I can with what I have and go from there. 

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