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Q & A with Senate candidate: Justin Crawford

by Kari Ashworth - Executive Editor
Sun, Mar 8th 2020 12:00 pm
Photo courtesy of Justin Crawford
Photo courtesy of Justin Crawford

Q: What makes Brockport special to you? 

A: What makes Brockport special to me is the opportunities that are waiting to be found. When you find opportunities that matter to you, it gives people motivation to take leadership roles. I find and take leadership roles because I want to create more leaders on campus that look like me. It gives the message that it is possible for us to be present on campus.

Q: How has your time at Brockport helped you achieve your personal and professional goals?

A: My time at Brockport has made me take initiative more on campus. It has helped me be a service to my people and students on campus. I took up Resident Assistant, Men of Color, Club of Chess and am still going for future roles as a Townhomes assistant and senator. I want to grow as a leader which is a process that never ends.

Q: What are the changes would you like to bring to Brockport?

A: I would like to push an inclusive environment on Brockport. We have the resources to push Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. My work will involve making my words into action. There are many underrepresented groups on campus that we don’t allow the same catering to.

Q: In light of recent events, how would you help BSG make Brockport more inclusive?

A: The Brockport Student Government can be the heart of students voices. With the recent events happening on campus, our underrepresented groups are looking for us to give a platform for their voices to be heard. My daily conversations consist of ways to make black and brown students feel they have a place on this campus.

Q: What qualities make you the best person for this position?

A: The qualities that make me the best for this position are accountable, responsible, intuitive, empathetic and open-minded. These are qualities that leaders learn through their work and interactions. Investing in students from all perspectives and learning about them are qualities I’ll take into any leadership position.

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