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"Blah Blah" Chris Raxx

by Zach Wagner - Lifestyles Editor
Wed, Mar 4th 2020 01:00 pm

Within the student body that makes up  The College at Brockport, there is a good amount of talent when it comes to creating art and music. One of those talented young minds goes by the name of Chris Raxx.

Chrystian Fulton, native of Rochester, New York, is a sophomore journalism and broadcasting major. He started making music in 2017, releasing his first single “Man Down.” His newest single “Blah Blah” is Raxxs’ first drop of 2020 released Wednesday, Feb 18.

“Blah Blah” produced by Blackmayo shows the progression Raxx has made over his short career. It is more melodic than some of his other tracks, as Raxx shows he could end up becoming more versatile throughout the coming years.

The song starts with a powerful entrance by Raxx where he raps, “only time I talk is when it’s money n----.” This bar grabs the attention of the listener and hooks you in for the rest of the song as he tones it down to a more effortless type flow for other portions of the track.

The way Raxx rides the beat throughout the song makes it so you can hear the highlights of the instrumental as he delivers a flow that complements the beat very nicely. My favorite part of the song is when the beat picks up in the middle as Raxx starts to use a hybrid of singing and rapping in his cadence. “I don’t think that you know me, I’m always by my lonely,” Raxx sings, putting more emphasis into his voice.  The adlibs during this part add more flare as he makes the “pew pew” gun sounds in the background.

The message I received from this track is, Raxx is locked in and he doesn’t want to hear any extra business unless it is about evolving his career. He keeps a small circle, spending time to himself to try and expand his art.

In his music, I hear a heavy Chief Keef inspiration along with some Travis Scott. The grunge he adds to his voice while rapping reminds me of older Travis Scott, along with the catchy and melodic adlibs.

Raxx is just getting started and is showing a lot of promise as a musician. Just like any artist, I assume as he moves forward with his music, his sound will evolve and the bars will become more heavy and meaningful.

In the future, I hope he creates more tracks like this and tries to show more of his singing talents. Also, since he only has singles out at the moment, I would like to see what Raxx can do on a full length project and what direction he would take when making it.

Raxx has confirmed that a music video will be accompanying “Blah Blah” in the near future, which was shot right here in Brockport. Stay tuned for more to come from the up-and-coming Rochester artist Chris Raxx.  




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