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Taste of Brockport exposes new found food options

by Zach Wagner - Lifestyles Editor
Wed, Mar 4th 2020 01:00 pm
 Brockport students gather in the Seymour Union  to try endeavour in the many tastes the surrounding area has to offer.
Brockport students gather in the Seymour Union to try endeavour in the many tastes the surrounding area has to offer.

An abundance of The College at Brockport students gathered early on Saturday, Feb. 29, creating a line more than a half hour before The Brockport Student Government’s (BSG) annual event, Taste of Brockport. 

“It’s for us to showcase all the restaurants in Brockport and give them some exposes and give students some insight on different places,” BSG Activities Coordinator Hannah Danielski said. 

The restaurants featured at the event extend from all different kinds of food, including pizza to shrimp fried rice. Students’ taste buds were tingling as they were presented with a wide variety of food from Brockport’s top local spots.

Custom House made an appearance providing fried mozzarella, poutine and green beans. Jimmy Z’s Plates and Shakes delivered with some pizza logs and fries. Fazool’s kept it simple, providing a classic dish of chicken parmesan. Barbers Grill and Tap Room had fried pickles. 58 Main BBQ and Brew stayed on the cheesy side of things with Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip with Mac & Cheese. The pizza was brought by Rooster’s Pub and Pizza, while the shrimp fried rice was catered by Sea Restaurant. Dessert was in muffin form for the evening,  compliments of Grinds Cafe 122.

In the midst of a busy semester and a cold winter, it may be more difficult for students to go out and explore new places to chow in town. The main point of this event is to bring the food to the students, giving them a taste of all the mom and pop restaurants Brockport has to offer. 

“The importance of the event would be to give students more awareness as to what different food restaurants have, Danielski said. “Also to show them what restaurants are available and what they can get, letting them know there are alot of different options out there.” 

Along with being put onto multiple different food options, students get a chance to come together and interact with different people on the campus over some new food options. The variety of food at this event offers a different way of learning about the area while getting a chance to break away from the classic spots like Jimmy Z’s shakes and plates and dominos. 

“This event brings students together, getting them some food and giving them something to do for the night,” BSG Activities Director Jolie Saltiel said. “I think this event is different because there is a plentiful amount of food from around Brockport so students can break away from just going to Jimmy Z’s and find new food that they like.” 

Saltiel believes that the popular reputation of Jimmy Z’s S, and the familiar type food on the menu is why students resort to there for food on a regular basis. 

“I think it’s what [students] know, it’s the most popular,” Saltiel said. “They promote a lot of things all around so they have the name. It’s also familiar food like fries, burgers and wings. 

Freshman Daniel Curry attends a lot of events on campus and he expects this event to be different than the others  based on the variety of food. 

“They all have their own thing — Snow Day was pretty fun because there was a whole bunch of games and other stuff,” Curry said. “When it comes to this one, I am honestly just excited about the food.”

As a frequent attendee of events around campus,  Curry encourages students to head to events like Taste of Brockport to get out of the dorms for a change and see what the campus has to offer. 

“I would definitely recommend it, it’s a lot of fun with a variety of things to do,” Curry said. “ Also it’s a chance to get out of your room for a change and try something different.”  

Taste of Brockport offers students a chance to expand their knowledge on what the area has to offer, giving them a chance to potentially find their new favorite spot to eat. Take the time in the fall to check it out, you might be surprised with what you taste. 

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