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Tyson Fury earns victory in heavyweight super fight

by Paul Cifonelli
Tue, Mar 3rd 2020 01:00 pm
Tyson Fury made Deontay Wilder hit the floor for the first time in the third round, finishing him by TKO in the seventh round.
Tyson Fury made Deontay Wilder hit the floor for the first time in the third round, finishing him by TKO in the seventh round.

Boxing has been able to draw the attention of the sporting world since the early 1900s. When watching sports became a pastime for people, boxing jumped to the forefront. Since then, boxing, specifically the heavyweight title fights, have been able to draw record crowds. Fighters such as Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson became household names for their respective reigns as heavyweight champion. On Saturday, Feb. 22, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder added to the legend of the heavyweight boxing title. 

In what was an extremely entertaining buildup to the fight, Fury and Wilder both promised fireworks after their first fight in 2018 ended in a split draw. Both men entered the second fight undefeated. Wilder had 42 wins with 41 knockouts, the highest knockout percentage in heavyweight history. Fury entered the title bout with 29 wins, but had to overcome mental health issues, drug addiction and weight issues in 2017 to get back to boxing. 

In the first bout, Fury tried to outbox Wilder, using his precision and boxing instincts to damage his opponent. That allowed Wilder his opportunities to unleash his vaunted right hand, which put Fury on his back and appeared to knock him out in the 12th round. 

The walkouts for the bout were just as epic as the buildup. Fury, whose nickname is “Gypsy King,” decided not to walk out to the ring. Instead, he was brought out wearing a crown and robe while riding on a motorized throne. His nickname comes from his ancestors, as his family and his wife’s family were all gypsies, and his wife’s ancestors fought with the nickname “King of the Gypsies,” according to inews UK. 

Wilder, also called “the Bronze Bomber,” is known for wearing a mask for all of his walkouts. He opted to wear not just a mask but full armor during his entrance. His costume weighed 40 pounds, according to The New York Times. 

Once the theatrics were over, Fury and Wilder were left to settle their problems in the ring, where it was incredibly one-sided. Fury decided to adjust his gameplan in multiple ways. First, he came into the bout at 271 pounds, 16 pounds heavier than the first time, according to USA Today. 

Second, he continually pushed forward. When he landed punches on Wilder, Fury kept stepping into him in order to take away the Bronze Bomber’s right hand. Once Fury got close enough, he would lean on Wilder, putting all his weight on him. 

The strategy really began to work in the third round, when Fury scored his first knockdown of the bout. After the referee broke the two fighters up, Fury closed the distance, hitting Wilder with a quick jab and right hook to drop him. 

On the knockdown, Wilder also had a cut opened up just below his left ear. During the bout, the announcers believed the blood was coming from Wilder’s ear, which would’ve signified a ruptured eardrum. It was later revealed the cut was just outside the ear. 

The rest of the bout was dominated by Fury. Wilder was unsteady on his feet and dropped one more time before his coach threw in the towel in the seventh round. 

With the technical knockout (TKO) victory, Fury retained his linear championship and gained Wilder’s WBC title. What’s next for Fury remains to be seen, but there are three clear options. 

The first option would be forced upon Fury, Wilder holds a clause in the contract he signed before the Feb. 22, bout that would allow him to call for an immediate rematch if he lost. 

That clause can now be exercised, but early indications showed Wilder would not be looking for a fight soon. The second option would be to defend his WBC and linear championships. This would not be a very popular decision, as Fury has already defeated multiple top contenders while he defended his linear championship and Wilder cleared out most of the top contenders for the WBC belt. 

Fury’s third option would enhance his legacy, popularity and bank account. If he were to take on Anthony Joshua, the WBA, IBF and WBO champion, he would unify the heavyweight division for the first time since 1987, when Tyson did it. Joshua just regained his titles after defeating Andy Ruiz Jr. in a rematch late last year. 

On Saturday, Feb. 29, Wilder exercised his rematch clause and will take on Fury in a trilogy fight on July 18, in Las Vegas, according to ESPN. 

The trilogy bout will provide Fury with the chance to enhance his legacy and prove he is the best heavyweight boxer of this generation. Wilder will have the ability to redeem himself and get back to his winning ways. The July 18 bout should provide more fireworks and give more clarity as to who is the greatest heavyweight in the world. 

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