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Rapper Pop Smoke dies in fatal home invasion

by Zach Wagner
Tue, Mar 3rd 2020 01:00 pm
Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke (real name Bashar Barakah Jackson) was killed on Feb. 19, after a home invasion; the 20-year-old rapper
was one of the most streamed young stars in the hip-hop scene.
Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke (real name Bashar Barakah Jackson) was killed on Feb. 19, after a home invasion; the 20-year-old rapper was one of the most streamed young stars in the hip-hop scene.

In the last few years, the world of hip-hop has lost a handful of up-and-coming stars to drugs and deadly shoootings. The most recent fatality comes in the form of a deadly shooting; 20-year-old rap newcomer and Brooklyn native Pop Smoke was shot in an alleged home robbery, which was later thought to be a targeted killing. 

According to TMZ, surveillance footage reveals four masked men in hoodies entering the home Pop Smoke was renting in Beverly Hills at approximately 4 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 18, The invaders successfully broke the dead bolted lock to the front door without setting off the security alarm which lead to an eventual fatal shooting. 

Pop Smoke’s close friend Mike Dee, who was photographed holding a pile of cash at the residence the day of the murder, spoke out about the loss of his friend. He struggled to put his pain in words as he told TMZ what thoughts were circulating in his head. 

“I just lost my f------ brother, my heart my dawgs,” Dee said. “You guys have no type of sense or sympathy. Ya’ll don’t know what’s going on, ya’ll come on here playing investigators and bashing me on the internet, I would never in my life set up my brother.” 

Pop Smoke was visible on Instagram the day of the shooting, flexing his money and his expensive belongings. 

One of the belongings was an Amiri gift bag, which had his address where he was staying visible, giving his location to over a million people. 

To make matters even worse, Pop Smoke and his entourage hosted a gathering at the house, so it is unclear how many people were in and out that night. 

According to The New York Times, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department are still trying to decipher whether the incident was a random robbery or if it was a premeditated murder. 

“It’s an angle we are looking at,” Capt. Johnathan L. Tippet said. “It also extends the pool of people that would have known where he was at and could have targeted him for a variety of reasons.” 

Pop Smoke was alone in the particular part of the house the invaders found him, leaving him to be the only one shot at. Many people who were also staying at the house were detained but were released later that morning. 

Los Angeles Police released a report the next day, Thursday, Feb. 19, stating the call they received regarding the shooting came from back “East.” No matter how you perceive it, the loss of Pop Smoke is a tragedy to the whole hip-hop community as he was poised to be the next rapper to take over the scene. In the world we live in, where people envy success, perhaps Pop Smoke should have been more careful when it came to the information he was releasing to the public on Instagram. 

The hip-hop community has lost so many young faces in the last few years to either drug overdoses or tragic murders, it makes you wonder when is it going to end. A lot of these young stars believe it can never be them until it actually happens. This latest loss should be taken as a lesson, to always travel with security and be cautious with location sharing. 

The late rapper’s body is being flown back to Brooklyn, where family and close friends will get to say their final goodbyes. It’s a hard pill to swallow for the world of music and will be a moment in history we will remember for years to come. 

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