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BSG expands Snow Day offering more action

by Zach Wagner - Lifestyles Editor
Wed, Feb 26th 2020 02:10 pm
 Students enjoy activities like snowball dodgeball (below), while spending quality time with friends enjoying some sweet treats.
Students enjoy activities like snowball dodgeball (below), while spending quality time with friends enjoying some sweet treats.

The College at Brockport held its annual Snow Day event in the Seymour Student Union on Saturday, Feb. 22. The winter wonderland brought to life inside the union was hosted by the Brockport Student Government (BSG) and was able to attract a large crowd.

“It’s a fun winter themed festival; we have free T-shirts, food, ice skating, a mechanical snowboard, snowball fight dodgeball and photo mugs,” BSG Activities Director Sarah Martelle said. “This event is a bit larger than the other events we do on campus — people really like when they get free stuff and it’s just something to do on a Saturday night.”

The Union Main Lounge was packed with students as they started the night off by grabbing their free T-shirts. Then they moved to the food section where they were greeted with various treats. There were cookies provided by Insomnia Cookies, along with cinnamon rolls, fried dough, pretzel bites, hot chocolate and tomato bisque.

After filling up on the treats, students made their way to the union ballroom where they could create their own beanies, ironing on patches of their choosing. Outside vendors Blue Apple and Neon Entertainment provided the mechanical snowboard, the snowball dodgeball and an indoor ice skating rink made out of white mats.

In the previous Snow Days held on the campus, fun activities like this have not been provided. Martelle and the rest of the BSG staff have seen the event grow, adding more things for students to enjoy each year it rolls around.

“The way the event is set up this year is different — we have the shirts in one spot, the food in one spot and the activities in another just to spread people out,” Martelle said. “Also we have more events that will keep people busy longer — we have never done the ice skating rink, the snowball fights or the mechanical snowboard.”

BSG Activities Coordinator Kyle Teachout believes this event holds great value within the Brockport community. He sees it as a fun way to interact with people while getting out to enjoy your night with friends.

“I think it brings together a lot of the campus community, it really brings everyone together,” Teachout said. “It’s going to be a lot of fun, there is a lot of fun activities; there is going to be a lot of people — it’s a fun thing to do with your friends on a Saturday night.”

Senior Jazmine Whitney has attended multiple Snow Days at Brockport and sees the event as a nice way to kick back on a Saturday night, getting away from the regular routine of college.

“It’s a great way to spend a Saturday night and it’s awesome to just be comfortable and actually relax and have fun here,” Whitney said.

Sophomore Triston Wilson is a first timer at the event, he encourages other students on campus to attend the event; for some free food and a chance to get some new clothes to hang up in your closet. He also sees it as an opportunity to meet new people and connect with people you may not get to see in the midst of a busy semester.

“If you need new clothing or if you’re looking to have some fun, hangout, even meet new people and if that doesn’t entice you, just come out and enjoy some free food,” Wilson said.

For next year, Wilson would like to see the event move up to an earlier time from the late start of 9 p.m. He argues it’ll give people a chance to participate in all the events included before it gets too late at night.

“I would say start the event earlier because I think it gets kind of late and in order to do everything you have to stay a long time, so I think if it started earlier I could get more in,” Wilson said.

BSG was able to pull off another event, giving the students that were able to attend a good time in the process. Snow Day will most likely be marked on everybody’s calendar next time the event rolls around.

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