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"No One Else Can Wear Your Crown" Oh Wonder

by Marios Argitis
Wed, Feb 19th 2020 02:00 pm

After a long two years since the release of their sophomore album “Ultralife,” the UK-based duo, Oh Wonder, offers another enjoyable music experience through its third studio album, “No One Else Can Wear Your Crown.” Released on Friday, Feb. 7, the album continues to touch on the band’s indie pop traditions while also projecting them into more personal fields, exploring the romantic relationship of the duo as band members but also as partners. 

The generous 10 track record opens with the song “Dust” a sort of humbling collection of sweet nothings. It reminds the listener that in the midst of inescapable chaos present in the world, we are all similar people looking for a purpose. The song repeats the album’s title throughout, making it important we stick to worrying about “wearing our crowns” and being true to ourselves. 

The next song, “Happy” is a dreamy and floaty song that captures the beauty in letting people go and being happy. With lyrics such as, “You’re holding someone close / Should hurt, somehow it don’t / I guess that’s how I know I’ve finally let you go / I never thought I’d be happy,” listeners can’t help but smile because of the emotional effect.

The third track “Better Now” is a song meant to comfort someone in the midst of a traumatic time in their life. The soft nature of it is truly felt because of the songs hopeful tunes and heart-warming musical production. 

The fourth track, “Hallelujah,” was previously released as the leading single for the album on Sept. 5, 2019, setting the ground for the band’s third album. 

The fifth song, “In And Out Of Love” is a verbal love song to someone you were meant to be with. The sincerity of the song is truly felt with the help of powerful instrumental support in the chorus and softness of the vocals. The song is simply extraordinarily solemn and pure. 

The album decides to take a different musical direction with the song “How it Goes.” It offers a bluesy feel, with a piano and saxophone match that makes the song a breath of fresh air. The same is seen with the sixth song, “Drunk On You,” an upbeat R&B type song that offers a musical contrast rarely seen on the band’s music roster. 

The album ends with the song “Nebraska,” a lovely reflective track that touches on the seven year relationship the duo has created while also being in a band. It’s about the inevitable doubt that comes with being in a relationship with anyone and asking yourself if what you are doing is right for yourself. A great conclusion to the album. 

“No One Else Can Wear Your Crown” has impressed me in every way. I was looking forward to this project for a long time and it has made me happy from start to finish. The album offers a mix of honest, sincere, and conflicted tracks that make this album one of the best seen from the band. It is those moments of honesty and emotional impact that allow the crown of Oh Wonder to shine. 

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