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"To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You" Netflix

by Brianna Bush - Editor-in-Chief
Wed, Feb 19th 2020 02:00 pm

I knew it was a bad idea to watch “To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” on Valentine’s Day, single with my roommates — one single and one ‘complicated.’ I was a mess throughout the movie.

The Netflix Original picks back up from the previous movie, “To All The Boys I Loved Before.” Laura Jean Song-Covey (Lana Condor) and Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) are caught in a whirlwind romance, but you can see problems starting to bloom when a reciprocated love letter is sent to Laura Jean.

This movie is one of the most cliché movies that I have ever seen and is almost predictable but honestly, I couldn’t care because I am a sucker for love — and this movie made me want love even more than usual. 

The dinner scene is almost too cringey to handle, the “I’ve never been a girlfriend before” line that seems to keep repeating is annoying and overused; it also makes Lara Jean seem like a generic obsessed girlfriend. I hate that as a portrayal of other young girls.

Back to the movie, I just about sobbed when she read the letter from John Ambrose McClaren (Jordan Fisher). I thought it was so cute, but when Laura Jean started to write back — cringe city. It was maddening that she was in a relationship and writing back to someone only because she felt insecure in her own relationship. 

Communication is key for any relationship and Lara Jean is too caught up in a “fairy tale romance” mindset. It’s infuriating to watch a woman be defined by her relationship with a guy, plus she is basing everything off romance novels which is a separate issue. 

There are some good parts to the movie, the carnival date was cute now I want that kind of date. When we get to the retirement center, we finally meet John Ambrose McClearn, a dreamboat, that quite literally took Lara Jean off her feet when she slipped on some candies.

It is obvious Netflix decided to add some conflict in there to try and sway the viewer’s opinion of which boy is better for Lara Jean. Come Valentine’s Day, Laura Jean is told Peter sent his ex-girlfriend, Gen, an a cappella serenade every class period — Lara Jean received none.

We think he makes up for it with a necklace and a poem that ‘he wrote.’ We later find out he stole the poem from Edgar Allen Poe, he cheated Valentine’s Day and the female population is mad. I really hated finding this out, I loved Peter’s character only because he chose Lara Jean over Gen in the first movie and proved it to her without a doubt. Now, I can’t stand how they are portraying him as this popular ‘player’ who doesn’t care for girls’ feelings.

They make John Ambrose out to be this perfect guy who could do no wrong and it is completely skewed until the end. Lara Jean finds out Peter was actually waiting for Gen in the hot tub during the ski trip, which really put Lara Jean over the edge.

She breaks up with a broken hearted Peter and continues to pursue John Ambrose, who Lara Jean realizes isn’t the one she is in love with. In classic romance movie style, she bolts out the door to go find Peter — they meet at the door, profess their love and kiss. Boom happily ever after.

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