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"Diva" The Kid Laroi ft. Lil Tecca

by Zach Wagner - Lifestyles Editor
Wed, Feb 19th 2020 02:00 pm

Since his breakout single “Let Her Go” accompanied by a music video with Cole Bennett’s lyrical lemonade, up and coming artist The Kid Laroi is back with another banger with hip-hop artist, Lil Tecca.

“Diva,” released on Friday, Jan. 31, is a fun upbeat song that is taking the world of music by storm. If you are a hip-hop fan and didn’t hear about The Kid Laroi before this song, you certainly do now.

The song starts out with a strong chorus from The Kid Laroi, he sings “That lil b----- a diva, f----- leave her my life is a movie directed by Taranito.” When I first herad the snippet back in early January with this chorus, I knew immediately that it was going to be a hit.

When Lil Tecca comes on for his verse the pace of the song is slightly shifted. The drums disappear for the beginning as Tecca revs up for an exciting verse, switching to more of a singing style delivery as he rides the uptempo melody.   

The Kid Laroi and Lil Tecca are a hip-hop duo we didn’t know we needed as hip-hop fans. The Kid Laroi is special to many fans due to the fact he was being mentored by the late Juciewrld before his passing at the end of 2019.

You can hear the inspiration in The Kid Laroi’s voice as he belts out lyrics. Another interesting thing I noticed is despite being from Australia, his accent while singing isn’t that thick compared to when he is speaking. While watching an interview with Genius, I discovered the reasoning for this is because he grew up listening to American hip-hop, so he learned how to sing with more of an American tone. Despite being only 16-years-old, he confessed his biggest inspirations are Tupac and Michael Jackson. This is incredibly surprising considering his age.

“Diva” is for sure The Kid Laroi’s best song, but he doesn’t really say much considering he only has a few songs on Apple Music and Spotify. His vocals on this track are strong, he shows; he will develop into a very talented singer, he reminds me of Justin Bieber as well when he sings.

My favorite part of the song is the end, it’s a little bridge leading to the last chorus, he sings. “Band man Band man, yeah that’s what they call me 23 should be all on my back the way that I be ballin.” The Kid Laroi changes from his monotone style to literally end the song on a high note.

Not being a huge fan of many of the new artists that have surfaced as of late, I am extremely excited to see what The Kid Laroi can do in the future. If he keeps this up he will have a long and successful career.     

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