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Spreading good stewardship one seed at a time

by Zach Wagner - Lifestyles Editor
Wed, Feb 19th 2020 02:00 pm
Environmental Club members enjoy arts and crafts from time to time, along with participating in eco-friendly events and spending time outdoors.
Environmental Club members enjoy arts and crafts from time to time, along with participating in eco-friendly events and spending time outdoors.

Within the community of The College at Brockport there is a vast majority of clubs that help to create the student atmosphere, giving people on campus a chance to branch out, meet new people and express themselves through their interests.

Among those clubs stands a group that is devoted to helping the planet while trying to spread their message across campus. Brockport’s own Environmental Club is an intimate group of students who are passionate about the natural earth and everything it entails.

President of Environmental Club Tess Klossner has been attending meetings since she was a freshman Brockport. As she got more involved in the club, she became more intrigued and wanted a platform to share her ideas.

“I started going to meetings my freshman year and had a lot of ideas, I didn’t know how to put into words but I knew how to execute. So I just wanted more power so I could do that,” Klossner said.

Along with Klossner, the club consists of four other officers, a vice president, treasure, secretary and a communications officer, who make up the rest of the executive board. When it comes to deciding who sits in these chairs, the club chooses as a whole, picking the leaders through a democratic vote.

Since taking over as president, Klossner has tried to stray away from the political history the club has had in the past in an effort to make it more interactive and fun for all the members involved.

“In the past we have been more involved with political stuff — I wanted to make it more fun to get more people involved that aren’t necessarily environmental science, so I just try to do environmentally friendly do it yourself projects,” Klossner said.

Each meeting, the members of the club go over what is coming up in the future and discuss anything important they are willing to get involved in. At the last meeting, they discussed Earth Day and all the events that are set to happen on that day.

They talked about trying to get trees to plant on Erie Street in Brockport and on campus for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. After the business section of the meeting was out of the way, the group got into some arts and brownies.

Vice President Bobby Howe sees Environmental Club as a place to have fun but also a chance to leave with something that is useful in everyday life while spreading awareness on the environmental issues plaguing the planet.   

“Our mission is really to bring awareness to students on climate change and other environmental issues, but we try to make having fun a part of learning,” Howe said. “It’s like trying to figure out the happy medium between activities that are fun but also constructive.”

The students over at Environmental Club welcome new members with open arms, regardless of your major or interests. Yes, they know how to have fun but are capable of being serious and devoted to their purpose when the time comes. meetings are every Tuesday at 8 pm.

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