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BSG celebrates singles post Valentine's

by Zach Wagner - Lifestyles Editor
Wed, Feb 19th 2020 01:00 pm
 Brockport's single students enjoy food from TRAX, while making arts and crafts including scented sprays
Brockport's single students enjoy food from TRAX, while making arts and crafts including scented sprays

Valentine’s Day is seen as a day to recognize the people you love, such as your significant other, friends or family. Many forget how important it is to love yourself and give yourself some time to enjoy life as an individual.

The Brockport Student Government (BSG) gave the single people on campus an opportunity to relax on Saturday, Feb. 15, with Singles Self Care, a post Valentine’s Day celebration for the ones who deserve to treat themselves.

“So tonight we are just having a little Galantine’s Day/friends night just because Valentine’s Day was yesterday, if you don’t have a significant other of any sort, we just have something to do for the night,” BSG Activities Coordinator Pamela Fenton said.

The intimate group of people that gathered for the event filled the Seymour Union main lounge with a friendly atmosphere as they participated in the multiple activities that were laid out for them. While enjoying some comfort food from The College at Brockport’s very own TRAX and some laid back tunes, the attendees knitted and created their own scrunchys, made friendship bracelets and designed visors and pillow cases.

Along with the activities, self care products were provided to take the edge off. Massages were provided along with face masks and an opportunity to create your own smelling spray.

Fenton believes it is important to get out for a holiday like Valentine’s Day regardless of your relationship status. She explains this event is meant to lift the spirts, while celebrating yourself and friendship.

“It’s important to have something to do like on a Saturday night, especially after a holiday, some people are feeling down but that’s not what you want to do,” Fenton said. “You want to be in a happy mood celebrating friendship.”

Activities Coordinator Izzy Stathis encourages everyone to attend this event. It is something students pay for through the activities fee so it doesn’t hurt to check different events out every once in a while.

“Well first I would say it’s definitely worth it because everyone is paying for it through their activities fee,” Stathis said. “It’s definitely something to check out because we have events almost all throughout the year.”

Stathis claims that this event is different from the rest on campus because it targets a wider audience than just being intriguing for one main group on campus.

“I would say what makes it different is that it’s meant for everyone, a lot of the events on campus sometimes entails a certain group of people,” Stathis said. “But this is meant for everyone whoever, boys, girls, whoever wants to come enjoy some good food and hangout.”

Freshman student Maggie McSweeney is a first timer at the Singles Self Care event, she thought it would be something nice to do on a Saturday night to beat the cold weather while enjoying the company of some friends.

“It’s something to do on a Saturday night because it’s really cold out and it’s something to do with my friends,” McSweeney said.

McSweeney’s favorite part about the event was the treats she was able to enjoy. When the event rolls around next February she will encourage people she knows to attend who didn’t get to be there this time around.

“The food is really good — it’s something fun to do, there is free massages so that’s a big plus,” McSweeney said.

The Singles Self Care event was a lowkey, yet very entertaining thing to do on a Saturday night. It was an opportunity to maybe meet new people, giving the mental and physical health some replenishing. Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about the couples, the single folks deserve just as much love.

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