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Students engage in safe sex talk at annual K.I.S.S. Day

by Zach Wagner - Lifestyles Editor
Wed, Feb 19th 2020 01:00 pm
Students visited different tables covering various topics of sex education. Each table had handouts and gifts for students to take home.  Valentine's Day themed refreshments were also available.
Students visited different tables covering various topics of sex education. Each table had handouts and gifts for students to take home. Valentine's Day themed refreshments were also available.

During the Valentine’s Day season a lot of love is in the air, leading people who have strong feelings for each other to engage in different activities to show their love and affection for one another. Whether it’s a simple night out on the town or movie night at home, one thing may lead to another causing things to escalate in the bedroom. 

When it comes to college students, the knowledge pertaining to sexual activity tends to be all over the place considering the age group can be quite vast. No matter if you’re experienced or not it is always important to practice safe sex and become educated on the topic. 

Assistant Director for Prevention and Outreach Services Colleen Holcomb and the associates over at Hazen Health Center have reminded students why it is important to be educated on this topic this time of year for the past 5 years with Keep It Sexually Safe (K.I.S.S Day 

“It’s a health fair event designed to highlight the positive sides of sexuality,” Holcomb said. “Whether you are in a relationship or trying to figure out your own identity — we have some tables relating to self exploration, masturbation and those sorts of things.” 

With a chocolate fountain in the middle of it all, Hazen Health Center was accompanied by many different outside sources to help them get the message across. Planned Parenthood, Resource Sexual Assault Services, Willow Domestic Violence Center, Trillium Health and Pure Romance were all involved to help educate the young minds of all the different aspects of a sexual environment. 

Although it is important to discuss the dangers of a sexual atmosphere, Holcomb also believes it is just as important to show students about the healthy side of things. K.I.S.S. Day is designed to cover all the bases so students leave with a whole new body of knowledge. 

“I think often times on a college campus we’re often talking about the prevention of sexual assault, dating violence, stalking and those types of health issues but not necessarily the healthy side of things,” Holcomb said. “So K.I.S.S. Day is all about the entire spectrum of it, from healthy relationships and contraceptives and conversation tools.” 

Physician Assistant at the Hazen Health Center Erin Bucci was also at the event trying to help spread the message of sexual health. Bucci hopes this event will help students to realize that if they need help they can always seek it by making a trip to the on campus health center. 

“I think from a Hazen perspective this event is really important, especially for us to really get the message out about sexual health and overall well being,” Bucci said. “Giving students the correct information so they know that they can come to Hazen for really anything.” 

If students are afraid to be open about their sexual encounters, Bucci believes they just need to get past the stereotypes that surround all the negatives and positives that come with sexual activity. 

“Many times it’s the anxiety and the stigma around the topic that I believe holds people back from coming in to talk about it, it’s very hard to talk about it, it brings up a lot of emotions and people don’t like to talk about anything going wrong in that department,” Bucci said. 

Junior Ashley Tollner spends a lot of time going to different events on campus. Tollner believes this is a good event to get educated on sexual health while enjoying yourself at the same time. 

“I go to all the events on campus just to check  it out and get involved in anything — I think this event is important for college students,” Tollner said. “You can enter raffles and earn prizes and educate yourself more.” 

Overall K.I.S.S. Day can be seen as a great event for anyone on campus to come and get involved in. The reality is, there are many opportunities to become sexually active while living in a college environment. Not only should college students remember these important lessons during the Valentine’s Day season, they should remember them throughout the rest of their adult lives. Sex awareness contributes to living a happy and healthy life.

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