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"Treat Myself" Meghan Trainor

by Gio Battaglia - 89.1 The Point
Wed, Feb 12th 2020 06:00 pm

“Treat Myself” by Meghan Trainor has met the expectations that fans have been waiting for, as she has pushed this album back a year and decided to go a completely different direction with exciting collaborations and beats to engage listeners. 

First off, Trainor features artists such as Nicki Minaj and The Pussycat Dolls for some female empowerment songs that give fans confidence they should feel while listening to a Trainor song. There is a duet with male artist AJ Mitchell that fans will be singing with their friends for years to come. Trainor does not shy away from letting fans see a more vulnerable side in tracks like “Babygirl,” “Ashes” and “Lie to Me.”

Trainor has been one to promote her more pop style songs, which fans can easily recognize and respect from her but it seems as if Trainor has stripped back for most this album, putting more time into the art of slower songs. 

“Babygirl” mentions the importance of self-love and being able to get through hard times with positivity. It is the voice that some people do not always get to have. “Workin On It” features a message of never giving up despite facing criticism and not being able to meet people’s expectations. So kudos to Trainor for keeping this positive message alive.

However, there are some songs that cannot be covered up by the good ones. The upbeat ones such as “Blink” and “Another Opinion” are produced with beats that have potential to be hits if Trainor had changed the topic of what she was trying to get across — there would be so much more of a resonation with fans and listeners.

Overall, this album is not one I would play in full again, but there are some songs that I would be in the mood to listen to and jam out to. It seemed to be a hit or miss with each track, not knowing what you would get. One positve thing I have to say is in regards to the harmonies in each song — they all had very fluid transitions. She has struggled through vocal surgeries and has proven multiple times she can sing, so the vocals throughout this album are very consistent and beautiful. 

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