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"Me & You Together Song" The 1975

by Marios Argitis - Photo Editor
Wed, Feb 12th 2020 06:25 pm

With the upcoming album, “Notes on a Conditional Form” just around the corner, we get another taste of the project with the release of The 1975’s latest single, “Me & You Together Song”, released on Jan. 16, 2020. Compared to the release of its previous singles “Me & You Together Song” offers a more blissful listening experience. 

“Me & You Together Song” is a complete left turn, presenting itself as a different entity compared to what we have already heard from the upcoming album. The latest track tries an autumnal pop sound that feels like it belongs in the credit scene of a 90s rom-com. It is nothing but an utter joy to listen to because of its purity and good intentions. 

The well-constructed production of the song offers a breath of fresh air that makes you feel starry-eyed and almost like you are locked in place. It is purely addicting and charming. The song itself tells the story of a dream of someone you have loved for a long time and see a bright future with. Lead singer Matty Healy sings “I had a dream where we had kids / You would cook, I’d do the nappies.” The song offers a story of a dreamy romance, one that can be imagined and contemplated, even in the middle of surrounding disaster, someone can feel so liberating to us. 

There is a certain innocence tied together with the help of a trembling guitar riff, soft but rough drums, and Healy’s fragile yet loud vocal performance. All the elements of the song work in harmony to produce what has to be one of my favorite tracks from The 1975. It just reminds you of the utter bliss you see when reminded of someone you have had feelings for or just encourages you to have fun. 

Healy draws on the floating love he has with someone from the chorus when he sings, “I’ve been in love with her for ages / And I can’t seem to get it right. I fell in love with her in stages / My whole life.” Love can be a complicated mess, but when “the one” comes along, we are taken in this ride of emotions that can offer a lot of layers and pages. 

“Me & You Together Song” is an exciting introduction into the “Notes on a Conditional Form.” The 1975 offers an inoffensive, charming song that is just addicting and lovely. The song hovers around a floating love that is complicated yet memorable due to the song’s good intentions and 90s musical resemblance. This track has become a favorite for me from the band and makes me more and more excited for what the album has to offer.

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