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"Broke In A Minute" Tory Lanez

by Zachary Wagner - Lifestyles Editor
Wed, Feb 12th 2020 06:00 pm

After catching the ear of a more main stream audience over the last year and a half, Canadian hip-hop artist Tory Lanez has taken the game by storm keeping his name in heavy circulation when it comes to being one of the hottest artista in the game.

On his last project “Chixtape IV” at the end of last year, Lanez showed off his R&B side for the first times since reaching his new level of fame. After taking some time off to let the last album settle, he has started off the year hot, dropping two singles in the span of two weeks.

Lanez is known for his strong vocals and strong versatility but is quite underrated when it comes to his rapping persona. On his new track “Broke In A Minute” he proves why he needs to be considered as one of the best musicans in the current hip-hop scene.

Lanez first teased the track in a snippet on his Instagram page back in early January, showing he was making a hard switch from R&B to start rap.

Personally, Lanez is one of my favorite artists and has been for quite some time. As more of a hype beast, I prefer when Lanez hops on a track and spits rather than his softer stuff. His cocky yet elegant style is fun to listen to and makes you want to get up and start dancing.

The instrumental produced by Papier is centered around a saxophone loop with subtle yet fast pace drums, giving Lanez a chance to do his thing. The song revolves around a catchy hook “D---! I ain’t been broke in a minute,” Lanez says in his most confident tone.

Lanez then goes into more detail, taking the usual hip-hop content of drugs, money and girls and doing his thing with it. With the beat Lanez is given to work with, there was a chance that he could potentially overdo it, as he has done in the past.

 He takes his time, rides the beat like a wave creating an instant club anthem. Like all singles, it leads fans to wonder what may be next from the artist, is this just a single? Or is a project on the way.

After following Lanez for over half a decade, you never truly know what to expect from him. He is the type of artist to just drop a single and that is it, but he is also the type of artist to stay in the studio making multiple songs in a session.

Personally, I think he needs to unload a project on us soon because, yes, his R&B side is amazing but his rap and synthetic style is what blew him into the mainstream with his project “Love me Know?”

Just like all my other favorite artists I will be watching Lanez closely as we move further into 2020. 

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