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"Fine Line" Harry Styles

by Brianna Bush - Editor-in-Chief
Wed, Feb 5th 2020 06:00 pm

Unlike his previous album, former One Direction member Harry Styles has taken a more soft rock vibe with “Fine Line.” The 12 track album has a diverse combination of songs that leaves listeners wanting more.

The first track, “Golden,” opens with a soft tambourine that sets the mood for the entire album. Styles has a unique stance in the music industry and it is clear he does not care what people say about him. He lives for himself and I aspire to have the confidence he has.

He shows all of his emotions in his music, each song telling a different story. As listeners we can attempt to interpret what he is trying to portray through his music, but he is really the only one that knows the meaning to his songs.

In a bittersweet combination of heart wrenching ballads referring to an ex-lover to more up-beat soft rock songs that mirrors the euphoria of a good party and the return to reality that follows the next day.
One of my favorite songs on the album is “To Be So Lonely.” It is a soft song with lots of ukulele that has a climax near the two minute mark that adds a darker mood compared to the upbeat start. In the beginning, Styles is apologizing for something, “Don’t blame me for fallin’ / I was just a little boy / Don’t blame the drunk caller / Wasn’t ready for it all.”

Super fans like me, who followed the boys from their X-Factor days, know that Styles had a rumored stint with an older woman when he was 16 years old. So him apologizing for being too young could possibly be referring to that, but again, it is all speculation and gossip.

Each song seems to lead into the next, like a book — each song is a new chapter, but relates to the last. “Cherry” leads into “Falling,” which leads into “To Be So Lonely” then “She.” With each song having a verse that refers to the previous song.

“She” is another favorite of mine on the album. It has a slower soft rock sound that sets a dark mood. In general it is just a good song to sit in the dark and listen to with some good mood lighting. “She” has a long guitar part at the end that is a fantastic send off, and the lyrics tell the tale of a man that is alone in the world, a world where he has lost someone.

The album takes a complete 180 with “Sunflower, Vol. 6” still having the same theme and telling the same story. It is a more upbeat song that has Styles randomly singing sounds on the outro. Only Styles could have random notes in a song and make it sound fantastic.

Overall, this album was a success and I can’t wait for the “Watermelon Sugar” music video and the concert this summer. Styles is by far my favorite artist — I can’t sit and listen to an entire album with other artists. But I could listen to Styles on repeat, and not just his music but anything he does, especially when it is on TV.


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