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"Jack Boys" Jack Boys & Travis Scott

by Zach Wagner - Lifestyles Editor
Wed, Feb 5th 2020 06:30 pm

Since the release of Travis Scott’s single “Highest in The Room” last fall, many fans have been wondering what the number one record was leading up to. In the last weekend of a dull 2019 in the world of hip-hop, they finally got an answer. Scott assembled the members of his young up-and-coming label Catcus Jack, consisting of Don Toliver and Sheck Wes, to drop a 7 track pack of songs to give the world a taste of what to expect from him and his label in the future.

Releasing albums consisting of everyone involved on the same label has become quite the trend in hip-hop over the last half decade. We’ve seen it with the “Cozy Tapes” Vol. 1 and 2 from the ASAP Mob and Quality Control led by the Migos. When coming together with label mates to create an album, the listeners hold the musicians to a different standard than when a solo project hits the shelfs and streaming services.

Leading up to “Jack Boys” from Travis Scott and the rest of Cactus Jack, which was only announced a short time before the pack of songs came out, there was a good deal of speculation on what we as fans were going to be receiving with this project. Just like any of these label collaborations, it was expected to be lengthy and filled with a variety of sounds and artists to make it a fun and enjoyable album.


Upon the release, myself and many other fans included were disappointed to find out that we were only granted with seven songs, one being an intro with no actual musical content and another being the previously released “Highest in The Room.” With only five new songs, fans took to social media to express their frustration.

Aside from shortness of the music, the songs on the first listen didn’t seem to stack up with what Travis Scott has done as an artist in the past. Just like a majority of 2019, “Jack Boys” was seen as a disappointment.

After letting the music marinate for the next 24 hours, I decided to revisit the tracks on the album and, like most of Travis Scott’s music, the songs started to grow on me. “Out West” featuring Scott and frequent collaborator Young Thug stood out as my sole favorite on the album. The two mumble rap savants proved why they still have what it takes to make a hot track creating a jiggy tune, sort of different from the tracks they have showed up on together in the past.

Another stand out, “Had Enough” featuring Don Toliver and Migos, Quavo and Offset was a dark melodic track that showed off the power vocals of Toliver.

All in all this was just a little taste of what is to come in the future from the young nucleus of talent Scott has assembled on his label. From what we’re given on this project I am expecting Cactus Jack to stick with that dark, slowed down, trippy, rough rider sound they came with on this one.

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