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Fitness franchise to open gym in Brockport this April

by Maricruz Reyes - Contributing Writer
Wed, Feb 5th 2020 02:00 pm
Planet Fitness will be opening a new location in Brockport in April 2020. A trailer (above) is currently set up in the parking lot to give a sneak peak of it. Photo Credit: Sarah Killip/ Staff Photographer
Planet Fitness will be opening a new location in Brockport in April 2020. A trailer (above) is currently set up in the parking lot to give a sneak peak of it. Photo Credit: Sarah Killip/ Staff Photographer

The Village of Brockport will welcome another business this spring. Fitness club franchise Planet Fitness will occupy the vacant space Peebles once held in the plaza located at 6515 Brockport Spencerport Road. 

After six months of vacancy, Town of Sweden Supervisor and local attorney Kevin Johnson said Planet Fitness reached out to the plaza owners to open a club in the area. 

“To see a chain jump on an empty space in our town in less than six months, that’s, I think, a great sign,” Johnson said. “Number one, in terms of what all this means for our town. First of all, I think this is another example of a smarter type of growth. In other words, it’s development of an existing space. It’s right in the commercial heart of our town. So in other words, this is not being built on a beautiful country parcel that could be somebody’s simple family home; it’s being built where it ought to be, where it belongs in a sense.” 

Johnson said he has reached out to businesses such as Starbucks, Red Robin and Chipotle, in an effort to have one come to the area but has had no luck. Johnson believes the opening of Planet Fitness is the beginning of other businesses to come. 

“We just haven’t hit the threshold yet, but maybe we’re right on the cusp of it and that’s the exciting thing to me about Planet Fitness because it is a national chain,” Johnson said. “If you ever noticed they do tend to locate right nearby with a number of these popular newer chains, either restaurants or other services. So I think that means we’re probably hitting a crest where we might see more of those things come to town.” 

Nine-year Clarkson resident Daniel Ferrigs said although he would love a Starbucks to open nearby, he agreed with Johnson that new businesses are exciting for the community. 

“I also think if a chain business is willing to come to the area, they feel the traffic volume is enough to support such a business,” Ferrigs said. “I personally think it’s great. The more business we have here, the less I have to travel to neighboring towns to conduct commerce.” 

Johnson announced the plan on Wednesday, Dec. 4, on a Facebook post that gained attention from the community. With over 219 comments, 257 shares and 305 likes, Facebook users commented with concerns of local businesses being affected. 

While many are worried the large franchise will drive business away from local gyms in the greater Brockport area, Club Manager Christine Rink said she hopes other local gyms continue to hold their presence in the community. 

“I know that with Planet Fitness our big motto is ‘the judgment free zone’ and other gyms will offer things that maybe we don’t, so I would never want to be seen as competition,” Rink said. “So I hope that they continue to be just as successful as they were before Planet Fitness comes here.” 

Rink is a long-time employee at Planet Fitness, having worked at other local branches in Batavia, Greece and now Brockport. Rink said she expects the gym to drive-in as much traffic as the Batavia location. 

“I’m really excited about coming here,” Rink said. “I just see it as Brockport is going to be a communal place to me. That’s what we have in Batavia. I literally give tours and as I’m walking the new person around, they see five people that they know and they stop and they chat. So gyms are surprisingly a great place to meet with your friends and meet new people. So I really hope that’s something that’s going to be the same in Brockport.” 

With over 13,000 square feet featuring massage chairs and beds, tanning beds and booths, total body enhancement and plenty more amenities, Brockport’s newest fitness center is expected to open this April. 

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