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Sexy Bingo creates safe space for students to express themselves

by Brianna Bush - Executive Editor
Fri, Dec 13th 2019 10:00 am
Students came together to enjoy a game of Bingo hosted by Drag Queens and Kings. Presentors Gaye, George and Minx pose for a photograph after the event.
Students came together to enjoy a game of Bingo hosted by Drag Queens and Kings. Presentors Gaye, George and Minx pose for a photograph after the event.

The College at Brockport prides itself for its inclusivity and it shows with many of the events held by a variety of organizations on campus. The Brockport Pride Association, especially, incorporates diversity to the events it holds, and in its latest event Sexy Bingo is no different.

Sexy Bingo, both a performance and a traditional Bingo game, happened on Friday, Nov. 22, in the Seymour Union Ballroom. The event featured performances from reigning Mister Gay States MI [Male Impersonator] 2019 Drag King Christian Gaye, along with announcers and Drag Queens Ruby George and Kayla Minx.

Minx is a guest to the college, coming to events like Sexy Bingo to provide her expertise in the Drag scene. For those who are interested in seeing Minx again they can find her hosting Thursday nights at Rochester nightclub, ROAR.

According to ROAR’s website, “ROAR was born from the void that was created after the closing of the biggest LGBTQ+ oriented/18+ club in Rochester. Our #1 focus is creating a unique safe space for the LGBTQ+ and everyone in the community.”

George expressed how doing drag, and putting on events like Sexy Bingo give her the opportunity to be herself.

“Drag is about expressing myself freely, and celebrating the parts of myself that don’t get celebrated by a heteronormative society,” George explained. “It allows me to feel confident and powerful. 

George also explained what Sexy Bingo meant to her and her peers who associate themselves with this kind of culture. 

“Other than to entertain, these events are important because they give an opportunity for people outside of the community to see Queer culture,” George said. “Also, it gives opportunities for student performers to share their art on campus!”

During the event, players would fill out their boards in hopes of winning a prize that related to the theme of the event, sex. Winners of the different games were awarded different prizes, some were gendered toward males, some towards females and lastly they had prizes that were labeled as androgynous.

The executive board of The Brockport Pride Association explained the reasoning behind the sex-based prizes.

“The for the event was to encourage sexual health for all people of varying sexual orientation, preference and gender expression,” the board explained. “It also shows how important sexual health and safety is. This conversation that is rarely had which leads to a lack of knowledge when it comes to ones understanding of their body and safety precautions they can take when engaging with a partner.”

The board members emphasized the importance of having pride events on campus.

“We want people to feel like they can be themselves wherever they go, especially coming to Pride [meetings],” board members explained. “With events like Sexy Bingo we would like people to come together, laugh and just have fun. At Pride we strive to be like a family, we always let people know that our e-board is there as a resource.”

Sexy Bingo was unlike the usually Grocery Bingo held by the Brockport Student Government. After someone had won a Bingo, the crowd was first required to congratulate the winner — then Minx asked, “Now what do we say?” and the crowd responded with “F--- you,” followed by the winners name.

George explained the reason for not censoring any of the language that both her and Minx used during the show.

“The language we use, and the way we act towards one another during the event, for both participants and the people who are running the event,” George explained. “Intentions are great, but follow through is what matters. 

During the event, students were able to experience a live drag performance by Gaye, where he started on the stage to dance and perform for the crowd. At the middle of the performance, Gaye leaped off the stage and proceeded to dance in front of certain students, giving them the full experience.

Sexy Bingo continued on in a similar fashion and many people left happy, with gifts and smiles on their faces. After the event ended, students had the opportunity to pose in photos with the trio.

Also in attendance at the event was Trillium health. The representative handing out condoms and sexual health information for members of the LGBTQ community, which is important because many schools in primary education do not properly educate people in same-sex relationships — so having this available to students is a step in the right direction.

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