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"Spilled Milk 1" Bas

by Panagiotis Argitis - Editor-in-Chief
Fri, Dec 13th 2019 09:00 am

New York native and Dreamville-bred rapper Bas seems to carry a knack for releasing art on his own schedule, separating himself from those around him. In familiar tradition, Bas’ latest release, “Spilled Milk 1” comes in the form of an EP and delivers four tracks of smooth, delicate rap for any audience. 

Keeping his old sound intact, Bas has created a unique style of rap genre that individually shapes him. Distinctive from other emcees, Bas’ sound stretches from lyrical-focused rap and rhythmic innuendos to soulful, subdued R&B. This dynamic is heard throughout the batch of songs in “Spilled Milk 1” as numerous sounds intertwine from start to finish. 

The EP opens with “Jollof Rice” assisted by EARTHGANG, a switch-up collaboration in which the featured rapper takes over the majority of the track with hard bars and engaging flow while Bas delivers an earful chorus filled with messages and direction for the listener. 

In a cohesive transition from first to second, the opener’s follow up “Fried Rice” featuring Dreamville’s J.I.D boasts a dark, monotone and immersive attitude. The song is carried out by fast-paced rhymes that Bas is known for, along with J.I.D’s raw and hard-hitting flow. 

In hindside, multiple listens of the song creates a separation from the two artist’s collaboration as J.I.D feels to fall off the pace created by Bas with slower and unfulfilling rhymes. It’s often difficult to resist pressing skip once J.I.D enters the stage, which sadly drags the listener away from the song all together.

Contrasting from the first two tracks, “Nirvana,” featuring the Falcons and B. Lewis, shone through the rest of the songs and possibly saved the EP as a whole. The melodic and groovy pitches from B. Lewis’s background strands act as a catalyst to the song’s ability to relax, while Bas’ playful flow keeps the listener in tact through the slower tone of the track. The song’s make-up allows for a summer feel that slots in perfectly to challenge the gloom of winter. 

The concluding track of the EP, “Amnesia” takes a different spin from the rest of the work to add an organic drumming bass line that sounds unique to the remainder of the songs. Bas’ soothing tone mixed with a fast rhythm of African-based dancing sound creates an overwhelming feeling of getting to your feet. 

Thanks to Bas’ versatile style and combination of distinctively different rap delivery, “Spilled Milk 1” continues the artist’s path toward separation from the rest of the game. The EP’s overall make-up allows fans and those not acclimated with rap to jump in and settle into the genre and Bas’ work without much hassle. Once again, Bas offered a surprise package, just like the rest of his discography. 

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