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"Blank Stare"

by Justin Young

Student Creative Work

Thu, Nov 21st 2019 01:25 pm

I can’t change and you won’t break the connection between this world and the next 

Hear the calls from the ground you walk on and know the fear is mirrored 

You may have a one track mind but we all get lucky at least one time 

Connected I thought I had more time to realize your flaws mirrored 

When in reality it held the same end and became the same mirror 

Your world next to mine looks a lot like an insult on my mark 

Watch it come to an end and know you’re at fault mirrored 

Near the edge and above the grave mirrored your fear 

Hear them call and hear them claw and claw for hell 

When the world is connected we mirror the same 

See the new and beautiful creatures rise again 

Your world is a mark and an insult in my vien 

It comes crumbling down right on time 

Feeling like a child looks like a woman 

She had the guts to attempt to identify 

When the ending was the same 

Red sky on a white plane 

Existence on a wide scale 

Identify the broken 

Mirrored in you 

Blank stare 

Get away 





Kill them 

Mirrored in you 

It’s been forecasted 

Feel your pain fester in me 

Attempt to break the connection 

Disconnect the world from the mirror 

Time falls short hurry now and find the mirror 

Mirrored in my life as a blank stare that stares back 

Random words and stranded pain in your life’s viens crawling 

First it comes back to life not the same and not without its flaws 

The life is all the same still dead and blank like god left early for the day 

Don’t get hurt try and leave while you still can while the moon marks you for death 

First you get hurt then you feel sorry; a blank stare feeling like you’re pretending to feel sane? 

You were here first as a cannon ball hit the dirt; too soon and destroys all around, you feel it now?

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Taken by Vincent Croce:
Staff Photographer

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