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"Chixtape V" Tory Lanez

by Zach Wagner - Copy Editor
Thu, Nov 21st 2019 12:00 pm

Since the release of his breakout album “Love Me Now?” in November of 2018, Canadian hip-hop star Tory Lanez climbed his way through the ranks to become one of hip-hop’s biggest acts. After spending a lot of time in the shadows — writing for other artists and keeping a low profile in the rap game — Lanez flew to the top in 2018 having arguably one of the best years out of anyone.

In 2019, Lanez’s main focus has been on the fifth installment of his “Chixtape” series. The “Chixtape” series goes all the way back to 2011, since then Lanez has come quite far, making it easier to produce at a higher level due to all the resources available. “Chixtape V” was released on  Friday Nov. 15, and is the first tape in the series to surface on paid streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

Being such a versatile artist, Lanez is able to expand his range quite often, hitting R&B soft spots and jumping right back into a more carefree type rap. The “Chixtape” series is known as the R&B side of Lanez where he samples old classics throwing his own personal spin onto it.  

On “Chixtape V,” Lanez takes his R&B abilities to a new level, sampling hits from musical legends like T-Pain, Snoop Dogg and Chris Brown, who also made appearances on the album.

When it came to this album, I expected nothing less from Lanez, he delivered once again getting listeners to go through a journey full of crisp vocals with slow melodies and instrumentals. This is a new experience for some fans who may have jumped on the bandwagon late, only knowing Lanez for his arrogant ways.

The leading single “Jerry Sprunger” featuring T-Pain, was a fantastic way for fans to get a taste of what to expect on the upcoming album. The song is more upbeat than the majority of the album, giving listeners something to sway and nod their head to. After hearing the rest of the album, this one is still a stand out track for myself.

The next track down, “Beauty in the Bez” featuring the infamous Snoop Dogg is an absolute hit from the two EMCEE’s. The beat brings you back to the early 2000s, like the track with T-Pain, it’s upbeat and fun, it’s something you can play in the club or at a party.

Being more of a fan of Lanez’s rap persona, I came into this album trying to sniff out the club anthems, but of course one of the slower tracks caught my attention as I listened through the album.

The track “Yessir” is more R&B than rap, but the lyrics behind the song let you know that Lanez is still a true player, with a cut throat attitude. He sings about wanting a certain female, but keeping it at a certain level singing “I ain’t cuffing nothing, baby I’m a savage n----”

Overall, the delivery of this album was strong and Lanez contiunes to prove why he stands alone when it comes to what he is capable of as a musician.  In an era where a lot of rappers sound similar, Lanez uses his talents to separate himself from his peers.

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