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BSG looks to the stars in collaborative event

by Margaret Stewart - Managing Editor
Tue, Nov 12th 2019 06:00 pm
Students were able to watch a star show at the planetarium and then had the opportunity to make their own atmospheric themed light.
Students were able to watch a star show at the planetarium and then had the opportunity to make their own atmospheric themed light.

The Brockport Student Government (BSG) gave students the opportunity to combine science and Pinterest in its two-part event on Friday, Nov. 8. Students first gathered at The Brockport College Planetarium at 7 p.m. for the first of two showings of the night where they learned more about astronomy. 

Activities Coordinator Meghan Ritter was one of the people in charge of this event and she mentioned it happened almost by happy coincidence. 

“We had another plan initially fall through,” Ritter explained. “I think someone did a takeover on the Snapstory and mentioned the planetarium.”

Whether you are studying astronomy or not, it is a topic many people have a general interest in from a fairly young age. Gabriella Cortez is a sophomore attending the college and her friend Yelissa Velgaeo, explained this was part of what drew them to the initial event.

“Our friend works for BSG and she was just telling us ‘there’s a planetarium thing’ and we just love cool s--- like that,” Cortez said.

Part of the inspiration behind the event was that it has just gone through recent renovations.

“They got new seats and a new projector and everything and it’s absolutely amazing in there,” Ritter said. “And the guy who was running it was telling us they’re trying to do more shows next semester on Friday nights so students can actually come and see even if they’re not in the class. Even if it’s not sponsored by BSG students, there will be more opportunities to see the planetarium.”

The goal of this and future events is to bring more exposure to the planetarium to students who aren’t attending classes within the space on a regular basis.

“I realized it’s such a cool resource we have that we never really are able to utilize because it’s mainly for educational purposes,” Ritter said.

So Ritter decided to incorporate the planetarium into a two-part event collaborating with the physics department.

“They [the physics department] did two shows and they were absolutely amazing, they did such a good job,” Ritter said. “And then nine to midnight, we thought we’d continue to space theme and just make some cloud lamps for a fun craft afterwards.”

Velgaeo really appreciated the fact the two events were linked.

“I like that this event followed another one,” Velgaeo said. “Like if that one was never there, this one we would never have known about.”

The crafting session was hosted in the Union Square after both showings. It consisted of students hot-gluing stuffing onto white paper lanterns of various sizes. After the participants were satisfied with the fluffiness of their lanterns there were small led lights that could be attached to keychains and hung in the cloud lights.

“I like that it’s very inclusive, you get to meet people you don’t know,” Cortez said. “It’s really a small amount of people but it’s a nice amount.”

BSG also surprised participants by giving out free succulents it had left over from other events.

“I like that they gave out plants,” Cortez said. “I love plants and I just like crafty stuff like this.”

While another event like this probably won’t be in the cards this semester, students can be on the lookout for more planetarium events in the future.

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