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St. Baldrick's holds event to raise awareness to pediatric cancer

by Zach Wagner - Copy Editor
Tue, Nov 12th 2019 06:00 pm
The surrounding Brockport community gathered at Red Jug Pub to help support the St. Baldrick's Foundation.
The surrounding Brockport community gathered at Red Jug Pub to help support the St. Baldrick's Foundation.

The Red Jug Pub in the village of Brockport hosted its first annual St. Baldrick’s Day event Sunday, Nov. 10. Normally, St. Baldrick’s Day is held around St. Patrick’s Day but this time of year worked for everyone who was involved in the event.

“It’s just a date that happened to work out for us,” Red Jug owner Tom Terwilliger said. “It just happened to work out that day.”

St. Baldrick’s Day is an event to help raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer, across the three locations Terwilliger has hosted nine St. Baldricks’s Day, six in Cortland, three in Oneonta with this year’s being the first to land in Brockport.

“St. Baldrick’s is 25 years old — it’s a charity to raise funds and awareness for pediatric cancer. This particular event we shave heads in order to raise funds, we are up to 8,500 dollars so far. This will be my 10th event,” Terwilliger said.

Using his platform, Terwilliger plans to help children diagnosed with cancer in any way that he possibly can. Holding the event in different cities will help to raise even more funds and awareness, making Red Jug Pub more than just a bar.

“Well St. Baldricks Day is actually in the spring, as far as the day itself it’s to raise money and pediatric cancer awareness obviously. Sick kids are not good and we want to try and help them out,” Terwilliger said.

With this being the first time Terwilliger has decided to host the event at the Brockport location, he was very pleased with the effort from the surrounding community when it came to putting everything in place.

“Well the thing about St. Baldrick’s is the community, Brockport is a great town and the support for this event has been absolutely incredible. Small town comes together to help kids with cancer is a good thing,” Terwilliger said.


All the local restaurants in Brockport willing to donate food, proved why they’re so great once again, coming in big time by donating food to make sure the participants were full before heading on stage to get their hair buzzed off. Local favorites like 58 Main BBQ, Jimmy Z’s Shakes and Plates, Custom House, Mark’s Pizzeria and Perri’s Pizza, were all able to pitch in a little something for a good cause.

Since Terwilliger started this event, he has watched it grow into something amazing, seeing more support each time one is held. Ending the first year by barely scraping into $2,000 range, to closing in on the $30,000 mark.

“The first one we did I think we raised two grand, the last one we did in Cortland raised 34,000 dollars this one rasied 8,400 so far — we’ll get well over 10 this year. As people become aware of it and more involved it seems to be gaining more traction,” Terwilliger said.

Volunteer Firefighter Nick Toscano decided to hop in the chair for the first time this year, he appreciates the cause of the event and came out looking to get involved in any way he possibly could. After hearing the news his father was diagnosed with bladder cancer, Toscano knew he had to do something to show his support for all of the people battling cancer in this world.

“Just [out here] helping to fund researcher for kids who have cancer, it’s a good cause. This is my first one, I wanted to do it after I found out my dad had stage four bladder cancer — it’s kinda a way for me to show support for anyone who has some kind of cancer,” Toscano said. 

For the Brockport community, Toscano sees this event as a “big deal” he believes that the surrounding area is showing their awareness through part taking an event like St. Baldrick’s day.

The large turnout at first annual St. Baldrick’s Day at The Red Jug Pub in Brockport turned out to be a major success. The turnout and support from the local area at events like these show the kind of community Brockport is each and every time. 

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