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"The Masked Singer" Fox

by Seth Deeren - Web Manager
Tue, Nov 12th 2019 06:00 pm

“The Masked Singer” is a show where celebrities can reinvent themselves without all the baggage of celebrity gossip and paparazzi. The host of the show, Nick Cannon, goes on to say that among the celebrities there were “69 Emmy nominations, 42 Grammy nominations, 22 Gold Records, 10 lifetime achievement awards and 2017 choice nominations, old and young” an impressive lineup indeed. 

This week has been highly anticipated because it was pushed back two weeks due to the World Series. Fans got a two-hour episode combined into one show with 12 performers, two of which were sent home. The episode, or episodes, were loaded with talent. Celebrity judge Ken Jeong even said it was his favorite episode musically thus far. 

After being very nervous on the stage during her last performance the Lady Bug marched out onto the stage looking strong and confident. She sang “Juice” by Lizzo. The performance, I believe, sounded almost professional. She gets called the Lady Gaga of ladybugs by someone on the panel. Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg guessed Paris Jackson, Jeong guessed Lindsay Lohan, which was not well received by the ladybug as she does what looks like a ‘kiss my butt’ (although they did not say butt) gesture to the judge. 

Up next was one of my favorites of the night, not because of her singing capabilities but because of her stage performance and effort — the Penguin. She sang “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor. Although you could tell she was not a professional singer, she was up on that stage moving and grooving to the beat and even had confetti drop on the performance like she was already a winner. She got the whole judging panel standing up and dancing; even Robin Thicke said it was the best as far as moving and dancing goes. I admire someone who puts their all into something despite not being in their element. Despite a great performance, the Penguin was sent home. 

Another performer that was very in character was the Black Widow,  she had a leaning crouch into the mic that made the crowd stand. She definitely has the spider power stance down on point. Her voice was also on point as she sang “Believe” by Cher. Her voice is soulful strong and owns the stage. It was also revealed she performed with a broken arm, which I didn’t notice at first. 

Despite being incredible, Black Widow was actually the one to get voted off. Some of the judges actually guessed her right. Although not a professional, she has sung on shows and movies. You’ll have to decide when you watch it.

Overall it was a great show. If you haven’t been watching you should. It will have you laughing and applauding while simultaneously having your head spin wondering who these incredible performers are. It is just as much a game for you and a friend to guess the characters as it is for the characters to win the competition. 

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