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"Cry" Cigarettes After Sex

by Marios Argitis - Photo Editor
Tue, Nov 12th 2019 06:00 pm

American ambient pop band, Cigarettes After Sex, released its second studio album, “Cry” on Friday, Oct 25. The band continues its dream-like music style, basing the album off themes of love and, at the same time, heartbreak. Compared to the band’s previous work, “Cry” is an album in higher purity and peace that makes you want to restart the experience every time you listen to it. “Cry” offers a set of songs that are truly some of the best from the band.

Listeners are introduced to the album through the track “Don’t Let Me Go” which is about the desire for a past lover that is long gone but not forgotten. The strong lyrics and sad flowing rhythm provides an emptiness while also trying to be melancholic and tranquil. The background guitar mixes vulnerable vocals by singer Greg Gonzalez to make this track a great introduction to the album.

What seems like a continuation of “Don’t Let Me Go,” the third track, “Heavenly,” revisits the theme of romantic desire. It provides joy through a bright chorus while also giving a gloominess to its verses. Progressing through the verses of the song felt like being in a tunnel, waiting for the light to come. The song has a cryptic instrumental which transitions into soothing lyrics about missing someone. The mix of deep lyrics and amazing instrumental makes this song a highlight in the album.

 Another track that made an impression was “You’re the Only Good Thing in My Life.” One thing I love about this track is how slow the instrumentals are. It provides a mental comfort unmet by previous songs. The hopelessness in the vocals with an ambient array of instruments make this track one of my favorites. 

The song, “Hentai” has a sexual influence through romantic lyricism and dreamy pace. It is another slow piece, giving off a sense of love and sexuality in the 21st century. The main singer reminds listeners the girl he is listening to is a girl just on a screen, providing a real reflection of love in modern technology.

The title track of the album, “Cry” is a song very much engulfed in its own sadness. It talks about the imbalance of a toxic relationship in the presence of one partner showing more affection than the other. The song reminisces this theme all throughout with soft and radiating sadness giving the idea of loneliness. 

The last song on the album, “Pure,” is nothing short of incredible. The slow ambient instrumental mixed with lyrics talking about the beauty their partner gives off makes this song a fantastic finish to the album. The song is the perfect piece of appreciation for someone you truly love.

Overall, “Cry” offers a great take on the band’s traditional atmospheric dream-pop style. The album had a deeper sincerity than the band’s previous work, talking about the true loneliness behind one’s experience through falling in love. While the album featured different instrument use, I still wish the band would become more experimental in sound and lyrics, due to the similarity between many of its songs. While this is the case, its songs are ones that can only be moving through bringing beauty behind sadness. 

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