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Haunted Union brings Halloween festivities to campus

by Zach Wagner | copy editor
Tue, Nov 5th 2019 08:00 pm
BSG and several other clubs transformed the basement of the Seymour College Union (above, below) into a haunted house for students. The free event was a safe way for students to partake in Halloween festivities.
BSG and several other clubs transformed the basement of the Seymour College Union (above, below) into a haunted house for students. The free event was a safe way for students to partake in Halloween festivities.

 The College at Brockport held its annual Haunted Union on Wednesday Oct. 30. The event was hosted by the Brockport Student Government (BSG), with some help from other clubs around campus like EuroSim, men’s and women’s rugby, Harlequin Performing Arts Club, Ultimate Frisbee and Photography Club.

BSG Activities Director Meghan Ritter was in charge of planning the event, with just a couple weeks to put everything together. Ritter and her team acted fast to get all the resources needed for the scary scene.

“It took us a couple weeks, usually we start earlier and are more prepared this was a little rushed this time, I think if anything it turned out better which is nice and comforting,” Ritter said.

After receiving a good turnout last year of 450 students, Ritter was hoping she could hit the same mark again. Some minor changes were made to the haunted house in an effort to ensure students enjoyed their experience.

“More coordinated rooms and more intentional planning,” Ritter said about the improvements that were made compared to this year.

“I’m hoping that it turns out well, I’m hoping we have a big turnout,” Ritter said. “We had a pretty nice turnout last year and I’m really hoping that continues this year.” 

During this time of year, haunted houses pop up all around the area. What makes this event different from the rest is that it is completely free and gives students the opportunity to enjoy Halloween festivities without having to leave campus or spend money.

“This is a sick event; this is probably one of the most fun events we do,” Ritter said. “We put a lot of work into it and usually around Rochester you’re going to pay 20 bucks for a haunted house, this is completely free to you.” 

Walking through the haunted hall, students could tell BSG and everyone involved worked hard to give the students the best scare possible. The lighting, the acting and the costumes made for an exhilarating experience for those who walked through the basement of the Seymour College Union.

After the success of last year, the word spread around bringing in more students who came to see what the hype was all about. Junior Aldo Martinez was one of the many students who was anxious to see how scary and exciting the Haunted Union really is. 

“Just a couple of my friends said that it was really good last year,” Martinez said. 

Martinez was accompanied by his friend Jaiya Lill, she was also a newcomer to the Haunted Union and enjoys the Halloween season. 

“I was in lab and my friends were talking about how there was a haunted house and I love haunted houses and Halloween,” Lill said.

As students maneuvered through the basement of the union, they stumbled upon a bunch of different scary scenes. A hospital full of torture, the purge, clowns and more make for a cringe-worthy event, having students jump out of fright. 

Freshman Rebecca Ostrander had no background knowledge prior to attending the event. Ostrander had low standards at first but, after walking through, was shocked at how well put together everything was. 

“It was a lot better than I expected, every single jump scare got me, it was really good,” Ostrander said. 

Looking into the future she believes “making it longer because it was so fun” will help to improve the Haunted Union for next year.

Sophomore Chelsea Stock was in attendance for the second year in a row, ready to get spooked once more. Stock felt more spooked last year, but was still able to enjoy herself.

“I think last year’s was a little scarier but I feel like part of what made it less scary was that some of the rooms had more lights on, which I wasn’t sure if that’s something they couldn’t control, but other than that it was really good,” Stock said.

BSG, along with the help of a few other sources in the community put on an event that several students enjoyed. Haunted Union is a great time for anyone on campus, helping to bring spooky feelings to life. It’s always nice to support the organizations on campus, while enjoying yourself at the same time.

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