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"OCD" Logic ft. Dwn2earth

by Courtney Deeren - Lifestyles Editor
Tue, Nov 5th 2019 08:00 pm

 On Monday, Oct. 28 while I was working, listening to my usual Spotify playlist I thought to myself, ‘I haven’t heard anything new from Logic lately,’ which is a bit surprising after the year he’s had. The next day I was in the darkroom listening to some generic radio on Spotify when I heard a familiar voice. I went out of the darkroom where it was safe to look at my phone and saw I was listening to the newest single by Logic. 

After some research I saw a few articles detailing the release date and that the single is presumably off an upcoming album. 

“OCD” features Dwn2earth and has a similar vibe to “Fade Away” from “The Incredible True Story.” It even features Thalia, whose voice hasn’t been heard in the past few albums. Some Logic fans have their own theories about the AI being featured in a different style on recent works. 

In my opinion, “OCD” is the perfect follow up to his latest album “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” which focused heavily on the detriments of social media on mental health. At the end of the track, Thalia even says “social media may cause depression.” 

What has changed from “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” and other previous works is moving away from bragging about how much money he has and talking instead about balance in life. 

“Currently, the most important thing within my life is balance / I ain’t talkin’ commas and zeros or monetary / Talkin’ self-worth, put yourself first, don’t worry ‘bout the worst.” 

That’s a very drastic difference from “Icy” which was featured on “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” where Logic says “But if it come down to the money / I got a lot / I got a lot like a lot / More than I need.” 

This is a refreshing change of pace and while I can appreciate how hard he worked to be where he is now and think he deserves to brag as much as he wants considering that, it was nice to see something different. 

I like the song, and would definitely listen to it again. Given his last four albums have all been so different from each other, it was nice to hear something akin to his earlier works and I’m excited to see what his next album holds if this is, in fact, the first glimpse at it. 

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