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"Stevie" Smokepurpp

by Zach Wagner - Copy Editor
Tue, Nov 5th 2019 08:00 pm

 Since his rise to fame in 2016, Florida artist Smokepurpp has used his distinct style to move into his own lane inside the world of hip-hop. His sound blends the techniques of rap heavy-weights like Travis Scott, Migos and Lil Uzi Vert, creating a spaced-out yet catchy listening experience. 

This year has been one of the quietest years for Smokepurpp since entering the rap game. Releasing his debut album “Deadstar” in September of 2017, the sequel “Deadstar 2” has been heavily promoted by the artist ever since. After over two years of waiting anxiously, fans were finally gifted an album on Oct. 31. Smokepurpp surprised Instagram on the same day by unveiling the official cover art for “Deadstar 2” followed by a single that was set to drop. 

The single titled “Stevie” is the first taste of “Deadstar 2” fans were presented with and it seems as if Smokepurpp has taken it up a notch. Being a frequent user of booming bass instrumentals since the dawn of his career has now become a major trend in mainstream hip-hop. 

Smokepurpp has mastered this craft, proving it in new single by kicking off the track with a fast start, rapping “I had to show n----- I’m really back / They thought I fell off now they takin’ it back,” only two seconds in. These first bars set the mood for the duration of the track, proving to his day-one followers he still has the same attitude he has carried throughout his career. 

Starting with the hook, letting the beat ride a little bit, then repeating the hook once more was a unique way to format the beginning of the song in my opinion. The beat produced by Go Grizzly, Sool Got Hits and Diego Ave complimented Smokepurpp perfectly. Using the flute and trumpet that have appeared in a lot of instrumentals as of late, mixed with the slapping drums gave Smokepurpp the opportunity to make a hit. When he finally gets into his flow, he picks up the pace hitting the gaps in the instrumental elevating the excitement of the track. 

The song is short lived, running only two minutes on the dot, but it adds to the element of the release. I think that Smokepurpp picked the perfect single off the album to use as the lead. It’s not too much, but surely is enough to hold fans over until the project is released entirely. 

Being a connoisseur of this kind of hip-hop, there has definitely been a drought on this end of the genre. It is about time someone stepped up to save the rap game from a time period where not-so-creative minds are topping the charts. 

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