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"Altogether" Turnover

by Marios Argitis - Photo editor
Tue, Nov 5th 2019 08:00 pm

 American rock band Turnover is a very diverse band that loves to experiment with different genres of music. The band has strayed from rock through its recent releases due to the diversification of its music. This is heard in almost all of its work, making its music likeable and appealing. The band continues this with the release of its fourth studio album, “Altogether,” on Friday, Nov. 1. The album uses styles like jazz, 80s psychedelics, dream-pop and other musical genres to make this album one of my favorite records of the year. 

The album starts off with the lounge-style song, “Still In Motion.” The track is one of the highlight songs of the album and probably one of the best songs from the band. The track begins with dimmed vocals put over a beautiful trumpet riff that makes the song soothing. The tempo of the song changes to a more upbeat rhythm and turns 180 degrees into a relaxing and upbeat track. A great introduction to the album. 

The album never fails to surprise, bringing a wide variety of genres and vibes to the listener through the experimentation of sound and lyricism. Songs such as “Much After Feeling,” “Number On The Gate” and “Plant Sugar,” are happier sounding tracks that have an irresistible feel and comforting sounds behind them. Though the band previously released tracks to introduce the album, they still feel more complete with the other songs. 

The song “Parties” is a song about the emotions of throwing yourself into an intensely social setting. The soft yet blissful sounds the song offers are contrasted by effective lyrics describing the fun behind gliding through the night with ease, joined by someone you adore. The second half of the album can be described as a breath of fresh air, featuring calmer and slower songs. 

The short, but sweet track “Ceramic Sky,” incorporates psychedelic tones while being heavily jazz influenced through the use of the trumpet. It is largely familiar to the band’s “Peripheral Vision” era, from the bands second studio album of the same name. 

The song perfectly transitions to “Valley of the Moon,” a calming and beautiful nighttime ballad. Being the longest song of the album, it is an irresistible dream-pop track that belongs in the beauty of the night. 

Things are made even better with the song, “No Reply,” a shimmering pop track that is one of my favorites from the album. Everything about this track is equally mixed, featuring a world of musical and vocal layers that makes the song a warm blanket of memorable vibes and feel. 

The track, “Temporary Love,” is a welcoming conclusion to the album, featuring a melancholy pop sound featuring the album’s end, something I wish never happened. 

Turnover is a band that is very good at bringing a wide variety of musical tastes through its work. The recent album, “Altogether,” is an amazing collection of beauty, calmness and peace through the joining of music and sound of different music genres. I can easily say that “Altogether” is one of my favorite records of the year. A masterpiece. 

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