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The Stylus' favorite fall pastimes

by Courtney Deeren - Lifestyles Editor
Wed, Oct 30th 2019 11:00 am

Nestled between a pumpkin patch, an apple orchard and a 20-plus acre corn maze sits Zarpentine Farms, a small shop with several fall offerings.

Every year, Zarpentine Farms sets the fall mood with its corn “maize.” Each year dons a new theme with its own twists, turns and dead ends. 

The first year I went to the maze it was themed for Golisano Childrens Hospital and in order to enter to win the grand prize, you had to find each case of illness hidden within the maze and diagnose and treat it on the post card provided. Luckily that year I had my sister with me who happens to be a nurse. 

That first year started a tradition, and every year since, I have gone back. Another tradition that began that year is that it rains every single time I go. I don’t mind a little rain, and with the right shoes the mud isn’t even that bad. But the second year I went, “Maize” workers had to come take my family out as thunder started to roll in the distance. 

They don’t only have the maze, however. There is also a pumpkin patch where those who “survive the maze” can pick out a perfect gourd to turn into a jack-o’-lantern. 

Inside the shop is the fall goldmine. Rows upon rows of apples fill the small space. Contained in their wooden crates, the apples fill the air with a light fragrance. There is every flavor imaginable with little plaques that tell which are best for baking and which are best for eating. 

If apples alone aren’t enough for you there is also a huge cooler with apple cider and shelves full of baked goods, all fall themed of course. All these goodies are also offered in the building beside the maze. Refreshments given for those before or after taking on the maze include hot cider, coffee, hot chocolate, hot dogs, popcorn and donuts in a variety of fall flavors. 

If you want to take some goodies home with you, I would definitely recommend any of the breads or donut flavors the shop offers, although apple is one of the things it does best. 

While the maze is now closed for the season, the store and pumpkin patch are both still open. 

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