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"Lights Up" Harry Styles

by Brianna Bush - Executive Editor
Tue, Oct 29th 2019 02:00 pm

After a year of “social media silence,” former One Direction (1D) star Harry Styles broke the internet following the release of his new single “Lights Up” on National Coming Out Day, paired with a sexually-charged music video. 

I have been a 1D fan for all of the band’s career and have followed the boys on their solo journeys, but Styles’ solo career has stood out to me the most. Unlike the others, he branched away from the typical pop style that was previously seen and has ventured into a more alternative/ indie genre of music.

In my opinion, “Lights Out” has gone even further than his previous songs during his career. 

The song opens up with a soft electric track followed by a more up-beat guitar rift that made me instantly start nodding my head. While listening, I instantly felt a connection with the song.

With lyrics like “Do you know who you are?” Styles knows exactly how to connect with his listeners and let them know the struggles he has gone through. It allowed me to listen on a deeper, more meaningful level.

The melodic structure of the song fit the tone perfectly because many believe that “Lights Up”— with the video — are Styles’ way of sharing his pure emotions and attractions. The music video itself hinted at Styles’ sexuality, showing him surrounded by both men and women in a seemingly sexual manner.

“Lights Up” is a song meant for a long, calming drive with its combination of soft electric tones, piano, guitar, soft drums and Styles’ vocals. The music has the ability to take the listener on a journey.

Another line that stood out to me was “Be so sweet if things just stayed the same.” I believe that Styles could be afraid that things will change for him after releasing the video/song and that he may be bombarded with paparazzi and eager fans.

Styles has always been known for thinking outside the box with both his music videos and songs. Like “Kiwi” and “Sign of the Times,” both music videos did not necessarily fit the lyrics of the song, but Styles was able to share his actual message through the video.

No matter how many people analyze musicians’ songs, only the artist knows the true meaning behind their lyrics. I personally think that Styles does a fantastic job at showing his true feelings with each music video paired with a song.

Really the only critique I have for the song is the fact that Styles is using some form of auto-tune on his voice, which by itself is angelic. I do believe the use of it adds to the overall feel of the song, but Styles does not need to use any sort of aid for his music.

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