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"Highest in The Room" Travis Scott

by Zach Wagner - Copy Editor
Wed, Oct 9th 2019 11:00 am

After taking the hip-hop world by storm with album “Astroworld,” Travis Scott is back 14 months later for his first single as the lead artist since the release. The single titled “Highest in The Room” came with high expectations following Scott’s stunning performance on “Astroworld.”

 The new track comes in the midst of a family crisis as reports of a split from his child’s mother Kylie Jenner have taken over the internet. Many are pointing fingers at Scott saying he is the one to blame for the separation. These rumors surrounding Scott seem to be ironically timely considering the new song revolves around the celebrity relationship.

Scott comes in on the bass drop singing “she fill my mind up with ideas,” referring to how Jenner encouraged him to dive into his own business ventures like shoes and clothing. Later on Scott references Jenner again singing “I’m doin’ a show I’ll be back soon that ain’t what she wanna hear.” Earlier in their relationship, Jenner told the media she has a hard time trusting Scott when he is on the road.

Aside from the drama surrounding the release, the track is fairly original. Scott stays true to his sound; spread out bars, melodic humming and catchy ad libs remind fans of why they enjoy listening to Scott in the first place. Personally, I believe he played it safe on this one, releasing something he knew was catchy. The instrumental produced by Oz and Nik D, is psychedelic, but fast-paced with soft cords to carry the tempo. The instrumental does not sound like anything different from what is currently being used by other rap artists. 

The music video that accompanied the single amplified the song for me. The video gave me a better idea of what Scott’s approach was. It seems as if Scott is trying to send a message to people who think “Astroworld” was his peak, showing he can climb higher. This could make sense considering the cover art is a ladder coming through the clouds.  

Just like anything else with Scott, it is hard to tell where this single will lead to. With no official announcement of a new project, it seems like this song was used to keep his name in circulation. It could end up on the next album, Scott had no problem putting “Butterfly Effect” on “Astroworld” even though the track came a year prior.

This single will hold fans over for now, but will have people antsy, wondering what is next for the superstar rapper. Personally I think he is going to do what he did earlier in his career, take a break from his conventional experimental style and try to put his own spin on what is popular. It worked with “Birds in the Trap Sing McKinght” in 2016, so I am sure he can do it again.


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