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Barry Street Park introduces Zip Krooz

by Zach Wagner - Copy Editor
Tue, Oct 8th 2019 01:00 pm
The new Zip Krooz (above) was constructed at Barry Street Park in Brockport, New York, on Saturday, Oct. 5.
The new Zip Krooz (above) was constructed at Barry Street Park in Brockport, New York, on Saturday, Oct. 5.

With an increase in popularity of technology, getting children to play outside can be a hassle. As traditional playgrounds start to fade out of style, villages statewide are trying to compete with the fancy gadgets the world of video games have to offer. 

The Village of Brockport may have a solution, thanks to 9-year-old Mary Trimble. Mary enjoys playing in Barry Street Park, located on Lyman Street. She noticed the park was missing something, so she suggested her idea to the village in hopes to create some change.

 “Well, I was just drawing in the car about a year ago, and I was thinking our park needed some new equipment, then I just came up with the idea and sent a letter to the mayor about it,” Mary said.

 Mary came up with the idea of adding a zip line to the park, also known as Zip Krooz. After seeing other zip lines in surrounding parks, she thought adding one to Barry Street Park would be a nice touch.

 “Maybe more people will want to come because a lot of parks have zip lines,” Mary said. “I come here every other day [with friends], sometimes I hear people saying we need new equipment.”

 Chair of the Parks Committee Linda Ketchum remembered when Mary came to a meeting to present the idea to the board. Mary came prepared with pictures from different parks she had been to, hoping to add more fun to Barry Street.

 “A little girl on Lyman Street came to one of our meetings with her mom and showed us a book of pictures she collected from all different parks she goes to,” Ketchum said. “She said she needed something more exciting here in this playground, so we decided to check into what could be fun in this park for kids.”

After pondering various options, the committee decided on Zip Krooz. The 66-foot-long zip line now covers the majority of the grass area in Barry Street Park. Ketchum and the Parks Committee was told Zip Krooz is a huge hit in playgrounds nationwide, which was a factor in the final decision.

“Parks Techs came over here and measured everything and this is what we came up with, Zip Krooz,” Ketchum said. “Supposedly, according to Park Techs, [the Zip Krooz is] the most fun piece of equipment that they have; kids stand in line to use this.”

Parks Committee board members Annie Crane and John LaPierre believe adding Zip Krooz to Barry Street Park will be fun for all ages, not just the kids. They hope it will create more activity in the park, adding new buzz to the village.

“It’s going to be fun, it’s fun already, but this is a very active exciting piece of equipment that I can’t wait to ride on,” Crane said. 

LaPierre reiterated Crane’s comments, adding it will bring the community together.

“This system we are putting in will draw across the whole village, and this will draw from the college,” LaPierre said. 

Construction for the new addition to Barry Street Park, led by the Department of Public Works (DPW), started on Saturday, Oct. 5 at 8 a.m. Ketchum and the park committee gathered volunteers from the community including members from The College at Brockport fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi. Ketchum hoped to knock out the project in one day, making Zip Krooz accessible for the community.

“Hopefully we will be done today, the DPW guys started digging the hole early this week, luckily we have a beautiful day today, they already dug the holes, there’s 15 holes and 15 posts,” Ketchum said. “We have these wonderful guys from the college. The crucial part is when the cement is all in, everybody has to hold everything together, we need at least 10 people.”

Ketchum later said the project was finished in record time “because of the 35+ students that showed up.”

The Zip Krooz will officially be open on Thursday, Oct. 10, for families to enjoy. The Parks Committee hopes Zip Krooz will be a hit, changing the atmosphere in the park as they know it, attracting families far and wide to come join in on the action. 

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