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Seymour Library welcomes new director

by Courtney Deeren - Lifestyles Editor
Tue, Oct 1st 2019 11:00 pm
The Seymour Library recently
hired a new director, Mike Boedicker.
The Seymour Library recently hired a new director, Mike Boedicker.

The Seymour Library, located at 161 East Ave. in Brockport, N.Y., is an overlooked resource to students at The College at Brockport. With Drake Memorial Library servicing the campus, the Seymour Library’s activities are not well known to students. 

Recently the library hired Director Mike Boedicker. In his fourth week as director, Boedicker said he is just “sitting back and observing” to figure out how things are run and to understand the politics of the position. 

“I’m not planning on making any changes right away,” Boedicker said. “The changes that will be happening are things that were set into motion before I came into office.” 

These changes include redoing the heating and cooling system. 

Boedicker said the library is funded by three municipalities: Brockport, Clarkson and Sweden. 

“I was thrust into this in the middle when budgets started,” Boedicker said. 

Now, he is working on looking at the budgets and getting acclimated to the position. 

While Boedicker does have a lot of ideas, he simply wants to get situated before making any moves. 

“Libraries are changing,” Boedicker said. “They are becoming less about people borrowing materials and utilized more as a community meeting space.” 

That is one way the library staff is planning to implement some new ideas. There will be four new quiet study rooms opening within the next month that can be utilized by members of the community. 

“We would welcome students to use the new study rooms,” Boedicker said. “Those should be finished by the middle or end of October. We’re just putting in some windows and we ordered furniture to go in the rooms that hasn’t been delivered yet.” 

With the growth of technology many people fear for the future of libraries; Boedicker would argue the opposite. 

“Internet didn’t kill libraries,” Boedicker said. “Now, libraries are a tech hub. Maybe some people don’t have access to technology at home or maybe they have a phone or a laptop but they don’t have reliable internet; they can come to the library and access that.” 

As the former webmaster for the Richmond Memorial Library in Batavia, N.Y., Boedicker has some ideas on improving the Seymour Library’s website. 

“I would like to upgrade our website,” Boedicker said. “Right now it’s not very responsive, meaning if you are on a mobile device it doesn’t change to fit that screen. It works fine on a desktop, but I would like to make it fully accessible.” 

Boedicker would also like to create a digital collection on the library’s website where people could digitally download audio files. 

Reiterating what he said about libraries being a valuable asset as a community space, Boedicker talked about the programs available at the library. 

“We have programming for both kids and adults,” Boedicker said. “We have some teen programs. There will be a current events lecture series called Great Decisions.” 

The library will also host some events that will not seem related to the library in the traditional sense. 

“We have some non-official, privately run programs hosted here in our community rooms,” Boedicker said. “But they have to follow our rules that they be open to the public.” 

As Boedicker settles into his new role in the Seymour Library, he is continuing to consult with other staff and community members to learn protocol. 

Children’s Librarian Natalie Burch spoke about how loved Boedicker’s predesessor was. 

“Carl [Gouveia] was a big deal, people loved him,” Burch said. “Mike has big shoes to fill. But he seems very qualified and he’s doing a great job getting the funding we need.” 

The library website, calendar.libraryweb.org reveals links for community resources, a way to request the use of a room and an events calendar. Events range in ages and topics, with many occurring on a regular basis. Teen Writing Group, Baby Sing, Sign, and Play Class, Homeschool Hour and Tech Tutor are events that top the list. Each event gives a brief description along with a suggested age range for the event and the room it will be held in. 

With community rooms to hold events in, the library has a large selection. The calendar can be found on the website, where events can be narrowed down by category. There will also be a book sale at the Seymour Library from Wednesday, Oct. 2, to Saturday, Oct. 5, with the proceeds going to the library.

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