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"Tall Girl" Netflix

by Larissa Nguyen - Contributing Writer
Tue, Oct 1st 2019 05:15 pm

Netflix has grown so much since it first began. Its growth went from only being able to rent hard copies of movies to your house, to now creating Netflix Originals to stream anytime with a subscription. Netflix has a bunch of originals that have been a huge talk on social media. 

The most recent Netflix Original is called “Tall Girl.” This movie consists of a high school girl named Jodi (Ava Michelle) who is 6’2”. She goes through the struggles of her own insecurities being a girl who is tall, feeling as if she stands out like a sore thumb.

 Until she falls in love with a foriegn exchange student named Stig (Luke Eisner) from Switzerland she felt invisible. He is tall just like her but all the girls in the school try to get his attention especially Kimmy (Clara Wilsey) who ends up dating Stig. Kimmy is the most popular girl in school and also Jodi’s worst nightmare. Kimmy made everyone laugh at Jodi and bullied her growing up. 

Jodi eventually finds herself confidence after her best friend Jack (Griffin Gluck) stands up for her and buys her heels to embrace her height at the dance. Jodi learns the importance of loving herself is stronger than the importance of people loving her. 

This movie had a good concept and I believe it would make tall teenage girls feel a little more comfortable in their skin to have something to relate to. I think this movie did a good job accentuating the struggles with being different. Its message on bullying, friendship and self worth were shown a lot. The ending was very cliche but it was also cute. It was an appropriate movie for all ages. It strongly addressed a character’s shallow tendencies for the need to be popular. 

Some of my personal negatives on the movie are, Jodi’s beauty pageant sister Harper (Sabrina Carpenter) feeling the need to be on a diet to fit the perfect image. This movie was a very cliche teenage movie but it had a positive message.

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