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"Wayward Son" Rainbow Rowell

by Brianna Bush - Executive Editor
Tue, Oct 1st 2019 05:00 pm

Taking me on the biggest emotional roller coaster I have ever ridden, “Wayward Son” by Rainbow Rowell is the highly anticipated sequel to “Carry On,” which was supposed to be a stand alone novel. After discovering the news of the sequel, I was enthralled.

“Wayward Son” picks up about a year after “Carry On,” leaving Simon “The Worst Chosen One to Ever be Chosen” Snow with Penelope Bunce, living in their shared flat after graduating from The Watford School of Magicks. The one major difference is Simon forfeited his magic and is no longer considered the Chosen One after defeating the Insideous Humdrum (which in the end turned out to be the reflection of his 12-year-old self and magic).

“Carry On” left off with Simon and Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch (Baz) on good terms, dancing at the end of the year event. In “Wayward Son” they can not even talk to each other. I am the kind of person that “ships” couples hardcore, and the interactions between the two took me to a whole new level of anger and rage beacuse of the lack of communication.

I completely forgot that when Simon was battling the Humdrum, he “magicked” himself dragon wings and a tail. Everyone including myself and the characters, believed he would lose the wings and tail when he lost his magic but he did not. He still has his dragon appendages.

I love the fact Rowell gives each character’s point of view. While reading, you get to be inside the characters’ heads and know how they feel about each other, in addition to the emotions and thoughts they have. 

I can not get over how Simon and Baz are slowly destroying their relationship,  while sharing the same thoughts and feelings for each other — it is genius writing, but drives me insane.

Other than the emotional turmoil of the main characters, “Wayward Son” is so much more than a love story. Like “Carry On,” “Wayward Son” is a love story, an action story, a comedy and an adventure. In this particular story, Penny, Baz and Simon took their holiday to America in hopes of meeting up with their friend and Simon’s ex-girlfriend Agatha Wellbelove.

The trio is met with all kinds of trouble before they leave British soil. Penny came up with a spell to make the wings disappear for most of the day, until they came across the first “Quiet Zone” in America. Quiet Zones are places where there are “Normals” (people without magic). Mages need Normals to cast spells because their spells are based on nursery rhymes, sayings and songs. For example, “These aren’t the droids you are looking for!” was used to make a security guard stop looking at them.

Throughout the book, the trio picks fights with all kinds of mythical creatures, defeats a clan of vampires and breaks every Magickal Rule in America. Rowell continues to amaze me with her literary genius, “Wayward Son” has gone above and beyond all of my expectations and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time,laughing and crying.


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