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"Marriage Proposal REJECTION at the Eiffel Tower" NELK

by Zach Wagner - Copy Editor
Tue, Sep 24th 2019 10:50 pm

The Nelk Boys, a group of YouTube pranksters headed by Kyle Foregeard and Jesse Sebastiani, have delivered some of the best content on YouTube in recent years. Videos with funny pranks, awkwardly hilarious skits and outrageous partying have helped the group rise to the top of the internet world since the launch of its channel in 2013. Like any other success story, the creators from Canada have hit a few bumps in the road. Legal trouble, changing personnel and money have given them issues in the past, but they have always prevailed.

After making the move from Toronto to Los Angeles in October 2017, the channel saw many improvements. The new location gave them new resources to play with, improving the quality and content of the videos.

In the last year, The group has transformed from homemade vlog style videos to a professional television-like experience. With its new crisp look, it has been able to expand its content, leading to an international tour in Europe. In its most recent upload, the group heads to Paris, giving France a little taste of the “full send.” This installment of the series might be the best to date.

The video begins with shots of the new merchandise expected to drop some time in September, short and to the point it flashes over the new products backed by an upbeat hip-hop track. The video then cuts to a corny, ironically hilarious skit of the group explaining a giveaway. The skit mocks an old style commercial that will make you cringe. The creativity here is outstanding, making me laugh so hard I had to rewind and watch again.

Throughout the video the group travels around Paris seeing what the city has to offer, it messes with people through saying and doing absurd things. The group used Google Translate to yell out profanity in French, fake cried while viewing Mona Lisa and caused scenes in public which left me rolling on the floor. 

The main focus of the video revolves around a skit that has been in the works throughout the European tour. Two of the main characters, 905 Shooter and Steve have been in a fake love affair. The on-again-off-again relationship has made for some great laughs, adding interesting new context to the videos.

The group planned for Steve to propose to 905 Shooter in front of the Eiffel Tower, dressed in a suit accompanied by a violinist. Just like anything else, the group goes all out gathering the props for a perfect proposal.

The scene makes for a great prank along with the skit, as 905 Shooter declines Steve in front of many recording bystanders. Steve gets down on one knee with flowers and a ring as the crowd of people starts to cheer. 

905 Shooter is disgusted by Steve’s offer, smacking him with the flowers. The reaction from the crowd is priceless, as they all slowly put away their phones in disbelief.

There is no question that The Nelk Boys are number one on my list when it comes to my YouTube preferences. The group keeps progressing as creators and show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. As it travels through Europe I sit anxiously waiting to see what shenanigans the group pulls next.


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