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"Cause And Effect" Keane

by Hannah Church - Contributing Writer
Tue, Sep 24th 2019 09:00 pm

After what seemingly falling off the face of the earth since its last album, “Strangeland” Keane is back with its new release, “Cause And Effect.” The soft pop/rock band originating from England brings forth a melancholic and disoriented collection after Tim Rice-Oxley, songwriter and keyboardist of Keane, faced a broken marriage and a DUI arrest.

The lineup in “Cause And Effect” is hectic and does not flow as a concise piece other than portraying the theme of moving forward after heartbreak. Keane played around with its sound and at times fell short of what could have been catchy and slightly memorable. 

There was a large amount of raw emotion powered by this album leaving the band to put more emphasis on depicting exactly how a certain event felt rather than letting the music drive itself. This led the content toward a gray unrelatable area making it difficult to sink into the album.

Out of the entire album the pop geared tracks such as “Love Too Much” and “Phases” felt genuine and held to Keane’s recognizable sound. The more I listened  the more appreciative toward it I became.

Overall, the album is underwhelming and highly disappointing compared to Keane’s earlier work that held enchanting lyrics, and the feeling of completeness such as its collections “Under the Iron Sea” and “Hopes and Fears.” Whereas for “Cause and Effect” there is an inconsistency that should have been worked out before being released. It is untamed but not in a stylistic manor, rather from stubbornness and a desire to portray specifics only to become lost in the process. The band will most likely not create more work for a few years based around the pattern of its previous release dates.


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