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Mental health check: know your resources

by The Stylus
Tue, Sep 17th 2019 09:00 pm
The College at Brockport offers many resources for students in order to help with both their physical and mental health.
The College at Brockport offers many resources for students in order to help with both their physical and mental health.

 Often times, college students are involved in a variety of activities. Sometimes, they take on too much and their priorities are no longer in the correct order. Many college students put extra stress on themselves, thinking it is necessary in order to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, all the stress takes its toll. 

Statistically, college students are at a higher risk for developing mental health disorders, causing many to feel isolated. It is important to remember there is always someone in your corner. 

This past week, The College at Brockport recognized National Suicide Prevention week, which runs Sept. 8 through Sept. 14. Students were provided with knowledge about different services the campus has to offer. 

It is important the campus is recognizing issues such as mental health and suicide prevention. Death by suicide is the second highest cause of death in college students and according to aau.edu, one in every five students have reported thoughts of suicide due to stress. 

When looking at different groups of students suffering from mental health disorders, members of minority groups stand out, showing a higher risk for suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, the statistics are only based on students who have reported their difficulties. 

The pressure students are under is tremendous, and some turn to unhealthy coping methods. Researchers have discovered students who self pressure to exceed academically are pushed past their breaking point. It is not just about course work, as students are also worrying about being able to pay their way through school. 

Many students on campus work at least one job, if not two. Working on top of a full-time student status creates even more stress, which causes mental health problems, and in extreme circumstances, students cannot see a way to cope. 

According to collegestats.org, there are more than 1,000 suicides per year on college campuses and one in 10 students has made a plan for suicide. In various surveys, approximately 80% of students have said their mental health is affected by the stress college puts on them. 

Stress does not just affect the mental health of students, but the physical health of students as well. On average, for every class students should spend an hour per credit. Not all students abide by this, but for those who do, there is little time for sleep, free time or self care. The physical health of students decreases with their mental health, as they go hand-in-hand. 

Since the 1950s, suicide rates have tripled in college students. This should make institutions reflect on what they are doing, and how they can better help students. 

The College at Brockport has many resources students can turn to if they are in need of help. Students can openly speak with their Resident Directors or Attendants. Confidentially, students can visit counselors in the Albert W. Brown, or Hazen Health Center. In cases where students report possible harm to themselves or others, it is required for staff to notify the police. 

There are also on-campus organizations that cater to the students such as Prevention and Outreach Services. 

Prevention and Outreach Services “assist students in developing and maintaining healthy behaviors, skills and attitudes that enhance personal development, academic success and campus/ community well-being,” according to its myBROCKPORT page. 

Check in with yourself, check in with your friends and never be afraid to ask for help. It may be scary at first, or seem pointless, but we at The Stylus are here for you and our door is always open to anyone. 

There are also hotlines, support groups, therapy organizations and many more options that can and will help with anything that you need off campus. 

Some of the resources include: betterhealth.com, 800-662-HELP, 800-273-8255 and healthyplace.com, which has a list of toll-free messaging and voice-call numbers available. 

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